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  1. Smoothbassman, thanks so much for the help. i ended up doing 3 LEDs that were bolt style (not strip) directly off the BCM without a relay, no buzzing, no BCM freakout. Here's a post I made that shows the install. I included links for these Badass Positap nuts i found that worked perfect for hooking into the BCM gray dome wire. THANK YOU again so much for your assistance.
  2. This project took me about 2 hours total. Please see the attached PDF for more photos and project details. I also included links to where I purchased my supplies. I can't say thanks enough to Smoothbassman, his input gave me the confidence to tackle this project. I am really pleased with how it turned out. FOOTWELL LEDS.pdf
  3. Ordering the rear floor liners this week for my 2020 sierra, i have the carpeted storage box under my rear-seats. This info has been very helpful. I think I will take out the box and use the liners as mentioned here. I currently have two car seats in the rear anyway, so I can't get to anything that's in the carpeted bin, because I can't raise the seat. Also, can't use my rear seat backrest storage either. I guess I won't see the full benefits until the kids grow. These posts have been helpful Thanks everyone!
  4. Smoothbassman, you seem to know your stuff when it comes to wiring. here’s what i drew up for a plan to have my footwell LED lights operate with the door open/close. I haven’t wired much before (only AC switches, plugs). Is this diagram appropriate to operate lights with doors, and not have to worry about amp draw on the bcm wire? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks! does anyone know what gauge wire is the grey wire to the BCM? I want to tap in with a Posi-Tap, they make them in 20-22 gauge, does that seem right or so it 18 awg?
  6. This is incredibly awesome post. Very cool that you figured it out for your needs going down the road. However, I am now a bit confused on how to accomplish my simple mission when I began searching this thread... I just want a simple set of foot-well lights ( two simple LED strips) to come on when the doors open and go off when the doors shut. Which wire would I tap into for that, I plan on using a T-tap near the harness. Would that be ONLY pin 10 for my needs? Also if I may rant as a newbie to the forum (GM truck guy my whole life)- It is totally bogus that the lighting in the T1 is not only extremely limited, but focused to one spot-. with jet black interior I can't find anything at night in the floorboards!
  7. I would love to add this lighting, how did you do it? Did you connect them to work with the doors (off when shut, on when open)?
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