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  1. I can’t find the thread again but apparently they could feel the “gainz” lmao. I found this last night, Proof that a tune is required.
  2. Thank you for the response. Just to clarify for myself and anyone who comes across this searching for info, that goes for both the 5.3 and 6.2 trucks correct? It was a 5.3 owner that swore the sensor was reading automatically on a 2017. It would make sense to me for the flex and non flex to have the same tuning from the factory just different hardware (sensor).
  3. Sorry to bring back an old thread but I keep getting mixed answers and there seems to be people here that may be able to answer my question. On the non Flex 5.3 trucks is it just the sensor that is required? Or is a tune absolutely necessary to move over the flex tables as was mentioned for the 6.2 owner in this thread? I have seen at least two other threads where people have said the sensor was recognized automatically in the 5.3 trucks, and several who say tuning has to be done. I have a 2018 5.3 6 speed non flex.I Have the sensor and lines ready to install, and would rather not tune right now if it isn’t necessary.
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post but I’ve been lurking around the site since I bought my ‘18 Silverado about 14 months ago. I’ve gotta say thanks to you all I’ve found this site very informative! I’m at a point that I’m ready to tune my truck and I was dead set on a DiabLew tune but then I came across this Superchips Flashpaq F5 Pro + So Far I haven’t been able to find much info on it anywhere and I’d like to know what the process is as far as getting a HPtune to the device and then onto the truck, and also does this mean that anybody with HPTuners and a laptop can write a tune, and upload to the device? Or are the tunes only available from certain vendors? Also, if anyone is running the standard Flashpaq F5 canned tunes how are they and what parameters are user adjustable on the device? Can you change shift points, timing, afm disable etc or is it very basic? Sorry to ask so many questions in one post, but I find this very interesting. The possibility of starting off with canned tunes and then being able to get tunes for an E85 conversion later on is awesome because as far as I know Lew and Blackbear can’t do it and there’s nobody tuning diablo software locally while HPTuners is all over the place.
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