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  1. Probably won't help since you have spark but this is what happened when my distributor went bad. I would have intermittent start issues at first. Sometimes she would fire right up sometimes not. Finally after a year she did not fire up at all. I After replacing the usual things cap, rotor, ignition module I finally spent some time with a meter and found out I had power all the way up to the distributor but no spark. At the base of the distributor shaft there is an electronic device (smarter people on this forum know what it is) that I believe works like the points on an old distributor (now I am showing my age). This is where I figured the problem was. I could have rebuilt the distributor but opted on getting another however I doubt it is as good as OEM. Due to some family illness issues I had to let the truck sit for 3 years. I recently put the distributor in and with a little fuel down the throttle body she fired right up. Now I am doing the fuel pump, etc. but am determined to get her back on the road. I have 175,000 miles on her. I ftel your frustration. I spent many any hour with a volt/ohm meter in the hot sun trying to figure my issue out.
  2. So I got my new Delphi fuel pump for my 94 K-1500 and had a question? The two fuel lines below have an O-ring already attached to them and they give me two O-rings in the package too. Where do the two O-rings go in the package? They gave me instructions but they appear to be for mounting a fuel pump on the sending unit. I bought the whole assembly I believe. So other than making sure the tank is clean can I just put the large O ring and locking ring over the fuel/vent lines, set the unit in the tank and install the O-ring and locking ring? Should I lube the O-ring? Looks like all the connections match what I had on my old pump. I also bought a new external fuel filter to install. They mention installing the strainer. I believe that is already on the pump pictured below correct? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Thx. They seem to be middle of the road on price. Did some research online and the rubber may have dissolved from the ethanol gas sitting in the tank too long.
  4. So I took the fuel pump out of my 1994 K-1500 and found something weird. If you look at the black blob next to the pump that is the rubber connector piece that fits on the pump outlet (corroded pipe). You can see the plastic clamps but the rubber turned to sticky black goo like JB weld steel epozy. Pump filter connector also came apart. Like a dumb ass I saw the filter lying in the sump, thought I could shake it out and instead I can't find it now. Pretty sure it is under the plastic sump. The tank is out so maybe I can shake it loose and back where I can see it. The pump is probably 5-6 years old. So the Delphi pump I would imagine is the best but it is pricey. Is the AC Delco any good? This one I pulled out looks a lot like the Spectra Premium. FYI, the truck sat for 3 years so that is maybe why it fell apart, tank was not full. I did drain it added 5 gallons of 92 octane non-ethanol about a year ago. Inside of the tank looks great.
  5. Just curious. Did the old one make any noise when it went bad? I am trying to get my 94 K-1500 back on the road after sitting awhile and one issue I had before I let her sit was on occasion I would get this groan, usually when going up hill, turning a little. It was random and not very often but I never could figure it out. Sometimes it was a god awful groan whether in 4 wheel or 2 wheel. I need to do the ball joints most likely but not sure that could make this noise.
  6. Searched online and can't seem to find info on wing nut size for air cleaner/throttle body studs. I have tried several random sizes of nuts but it looks like the threads are different than a standard nut you would use for random stuff. Auto parts store had some packs with random sizes and they thought it was 1/4" but wanted to make sure I got it right. If anyone knows the specifics would appreciate it. Thx
  7. Thanks, It spent a lot of time on a gravel road so I suspect it may have some trash. Gonna put some PB blaster on the bolts just to loosen them up and dive in. I am sure you will hear from me again so thx again for the help.
  8. Hah, Yep last option is how it was done before. Just better make sure you don't knock the stick out that's holding it up while you are working. I probably need to clean the tank so dropping it might be best, I also have a topper on the bed and junk inside there. Is the tank empty very heavy? Also I assume the fuel lines are just clamped onto the connections so I imagine you drop it some to where you can get to them then remove. The truck will be an on going project for a little while I am sure. I want to go over the brakes good and she is about in need of the ball joints being done. Still with the price of trucks these days and the fact the 94 is not as complicated as the newer ones I want to get her going again. Thx for quick response.
  9. Disconnected fuel line at throttle body...dry. Disconnected fuel line from tank to filter...dry. Looks like the problem is with the pump or blocked in the tank/fuel line. When they replaced the pump I was told it was easier to unbolt the bed and prop it up to get to the pump. Is that the best way?.Thx
  10. 3.5 years ago my 94 K1500 silverado quit running. She has about 175,000 miles on her and a fairly new transmission. I did some testing and came to the conclusion I needed a new distributor. Life's issues caused me to let her sit but I put oil down the spark plug holes and turned her over religiously even after the battery died. I know not good to let her sit and I know other issues would probably develop. I also drained the tank (siphoned) and put non ethanol 92 octane gas in. She did sit for awhile with the ethanol 82 octane in it. I put a new distributor in her, new battery and turned her over today. She turned over fine but did not fire. I put some gas down the throttle body and she fired up and ran for a few seconds. Actually did not sound bad. I have a fuel issue problem obviously. Here is what is strange. I turn the key on and I can hear the fuel pump running continuously.........even when I turn the key off. I disconnect the battery and the fuel pump stops. Fuel pump seems louder than normal. The fuel pump was about a year old when I parked the truck. The fuel gauge is pegged to full yet I know there is only maybe 5 gallons of gas in the tank. I have a problem with critters so it is possible something messed with the wires on top of the tank. Frankenstein wants to live again so where do I go from here? Thx for any help.
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