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  1. Does anyone know what kind of lift this is? I'm looking for a front engine skid plate to fit with the 6 inch lift. I tried a zone plate but it was too small.
  2. Update: I took the truck to a local mechanic. While driving his computer showed the Torque Converter Clutch Slipping. He quoted me around $1400 for just the TC and $4400 for the whole transmission. The truck has a 114,000 miles on it. I'm on the fence on what to do. Is this a good price?
  3. No codes, I already changed out the plugs and wires on Saturday to be safe.
  4. Good morning everyone, I recently purchased a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE 4x4 with 114,000. The truck came with a 6 inch lift and 35inch tires. When I accelerate and get around 45 MPH the vehicle starts to shudder for a few seconds and stops. It almost feels as if the vehicle is in the wrong gear. I used someone's computer and it seems like the issue is happening between 5-6 gear. If It pretty much goes away. The transmission fluid looks clean, maybe a little over full but not by much. Does anyone have any ideas? Could I adjust the shift points with a tuner to correct this issue? Thank you
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