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  1. When you try and fix it use the GMC Paint Touch Up. Do NOT use Touch Up Direct as it will ruin the paint and not match. I used TouchUpDirect and then went on top of it with the GMC paint and it looks horrible. It made the paint "wrinkle" up. Here are some pics and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.
  2. I have a '14 Sierra and it is doing the same of both doors, the hood from rock chips, and the bed of the truck is peeling like crazy. It is Metallic Silver. I recommend anyone looking at buying a used '14 Sierra RUN as fast a possible because the paint job of these trucks is horrible. I have tried to mitigate this the best I can with touch up paint and covering the affected areas to prevent it from spreading but it is only a matter of time before that happens. I love the truck and mechanically the truck is sound but I am severely disappointed in the GMC paint job.
  3. My vehicle is doing the same thing. It was fine for the first few years of its like but now there is a serious issue with the paint on my 2014 Sierra. Dealer says there is nothing they can do.
  4. Yeah if you do just a filter change and not a flush it makes a lot more sense to bolt this one back up vs the stock pan
  5. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has installed an aftermarket transmission pan with a drain plug? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bmm-70392/overview/ Specifically the one in the link above. I was wondering what the fit is like and do you use the train plug to empty tranny pan and put in clean fluids at the same time when you do an oil change? I would like to remove 4-6 quarts of tranny fluid and replace with new Dexron VI when I do oil changes. My truck is about to hit 100k miles.
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