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  1. A/C went out in the obs so the 18 is pulling hunting truck duty
  2. Swapped out my 2.5 inch RC level for a 3 inch motofab.
  3. 295/70/18 Trail Grapplers and a 2.5 inch RC level.
  4. I fit 285/70/18 (34x11.50) on a 2.5 inch level with no rubbing or trimming. Running 295/70/18 (34.5x12) now with minimal rubbing on the sway bar and had to zip tie the liners back.
  5. Thank you. Zip tied the liners back so it only rubs the sway bar at full lock going forward. In reverse they will sometimes hit the black plastic piece on the cab corner but not enough to bother with trimming it.
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