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  1. Hi all. I have a 2014 Z71 with the 5.3 and 184k miles. a few months ago I had a check engine light with a P06DD code. Checked the oil, found it low, topped it off and no further issues. Well yesterday I had the CEL come back on, same code. Checked oil today, on the low side so put some in. Cleared the code and went about my day. Well this evening the code returned even after the top off. Not having any oil pressure issues according to the gauge. Idle is at 35-40 psi. 50 psi at cruising speeds. 60psi under heavy acceleration. No strange noises from engine. Running smoothly. I’ll end up getting it looked at most likely as oil pressure is nothing to mess around with but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on it. thanks in advance
  2. I’m sure this has been covered somewhere in the 74 pages of this thread.... but it takes a lot to go through them.....so my apologies.... im starting to gather parts to upgrade my 14 to be CarPlay capable. I’m going to buy a module and a 2.5 HMI and have it programmed. I can’t seem to find a good list of module part numbers that will work. WAMS only has 4 part numbers listed on their website and literally none of the modules on eBay match up to any of those numbers. Can anyone shed light on this? I know it needs to be a U2M or U2K but there’s a wide range of part numbers with those RPO codes. im planning on using costal to program once I get parts in
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