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  1. I guess nobody has added a dual battery setup to a new model yet. I just was unsure about which isolator to run since I wanted to upgrade the alternator to a 220 amp and I thought I read that different manufacturers used different methods for voltage sensing so you had to be sure to buy a compatible model for that manufacturer or something like that. Since I am not a mechanic or an engineer I was hoping to find someone who had done it successfully,and without any issues later down the road.. I am very surprised that there has not been an alternative storage method invented or sugg
  2. Hi everyone, I just picked up my truck about a week ago and wanted to add a second battery with a battery isolator. Also, I wanted to upgrade my 170 amp alt to the available 220 and didnt know if I could swap them with having to reprogram anything. I already added a 9 foot Vplow and I am going to add a light bar so I want to make sure I have enough power. Wondered if anyone had already done this and what battery isolator you had used.I wasn't sure if the setups that I saw posted from the previous year's would be applicable to the brand new trucks. What do you do for storage
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