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  1. I play it through Android Auto. My wife and kids do as well.
  2. I just cancelled my subscription a few weeks ago and switched to the Spotify family plan. No commercials, no irritating DJ's and no more hunting for something worth listening to. Even with all of the channels Sirius/XM offered, I still spent time channel surfing even between my favorites. When I called to cancel, they offered me a price of $6 a month but didn't say how long that would last. Spotify is $16 a month at this point but thats for the family plan.
  3. 2019 Sierra, just shy of 70,000 miles. No leak until today. Small amount from each corner of the cab. Not happy.
  4. 2019 Sierra with just shy of 70,000 miles. No sign of a leak until today. Very small amount from each corner of the cab. Not much, barely noticeable. Looking forward to a visit to the dealership. I bought an extended warranty but I'm sure they'll figure a way to weasel out of it.
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