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  1. If you go with the Carbon Pro package, you are limited to three colors for now-white, black and gray. I got a white one, kinda had the gray grow on me. White for sure shows dirt/dust. But, seems to hold up well and doesn't show scratches. Also, depending on where you live and if your truck is covered or not, can make a significant difference in cabin temperature. I have white.
  2. Do your legwork and drive. DFW metroplex dealers didn`t have any carbon pro with the 3.0. I drove and it was worth it.
  3. How about incorporating the android auto with the heads up display too.
  4. It appears that you can. There are some rubber type plugs that are present where the lights should be. I haven't ordered a kit, but I will.
  5. And it is a hard cover? How hard to take it out completely?
  6. Isn't just a matter of time before the companies catch up? You can riv nut just about anything.
  7. Do they make a fabric bed mat specific to the Carbonpro? I saw the rubber one-kinda think I could use a horse mat from TSC.
  8. Anyone UV treating it with 303 spray? The Texas sun is brutal.
  9. Still liking the carbon pro editions? Is the bed noisy? Would you buy the carbon again?
  10. Also curious as to how you did it without removing the tailgate.
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