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  1. I have a new melling high flow oil pump installed. Do you know if I was to strip down the front of the engine and blow compressed air into the oil pressure sensor if it would leak out of the cam retainer if it was to be leaky? Thanks.
  2. Ill post a pic in the morn theres a bout a mm between the transmission shifter and the driveshaft. It rotates freeley and I have 4x4
  3. My front driveshaft hits my transmission shifter going to the front differential. When I bought the truck the driveshaft was removed saying it needed new u joints. I had new u joints put in and removed the t-case, replaced the front output shaft seal and a thicker oil pump in the transfer case I cleaned out the shavings and put everything back and then installed the driveshaft to my dismay it rubs the transmission shifter I have a 4l60e and a np261hd with a 6.0 in an 05 2500hd ext cab chevy. The previous owner said he had replaced the transfer case before. Any ideas of what I could have done wrong to cause this? or is it just a close fit? Ill add some pics in a bit. Could anyone share some pics of their front driveshaft fitment in relation to the transmission? Thanks.
  4. my 6.0 with 230xxx has low oil pressure but no knocks maybe a little tick though. When i bought the truck it had maybe 5-9psi cold dropping to 0 warm. Thought it may have been a pickup tube oring or oil pump so i went ahead and replaced the pickup tube, o ring, and pump. it now gets 20 cold 7 warm at idle and 0 warm at idle and 20 warm running 1700 rpm. Which is a lot better but still a problem. I am aware the bearings may be shot and need a total rebuild, that is not out of the options. It is not electrical or sensor based issue same psi with a mechanical gauge. However I need to replace my harmonic balancer and take off the timing cover again so i was looking at it and could it be as simple as a o camshaft retainer plate? it has a build in thin o ring which if fails will drain pressure as it connects the oil gallys. Am I correct in thinking that this could solve my issues? Any input is helpful, thanks.
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