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  1. Got my truck back and the problem even got worse...some times the infotainment system doesn’t even recognize the phone. It says to be connected but the CarPlay icon is disabled is if the phone is not connected.
  2. Great! Please keep us updated. I am scheduled to drop the truck at the dealer on March 30th.... in the meantime I disabled the location services from the truck. I wonder if this could help based on one of the posts here on the link of onstar antena and the infotainment system/Apple car play.
  3. Another update. Not happy: March 11. 7:16 am. System crashed. Had only maps running. Phone didn’t crash only infotainment system. I filmed. March 14th. 5:50pm. CarPlay stopped working. Even with new Apple cable it doesn’t recognize phone and apple CarPlay doesn’t work.
  4. Last night the system crashed again. I was running waze app, clicked on a link from a text to go to a certain place and the apple Maps app was launched. I don’t know it the crash could have been caused by the 2 MAP apps trying to run at the same time. Now I delete alternative map apps from the phone and will run only the Apple Maps app to see if the problem continues.
  5. Got the tuck back today. The report said that they also found a problem with the ground cable (on top of changing the radio and usb plug). Will let you know how it goes. So far so good.
  6. The dealer said they will replace the infotainment system and usb plug.
  7. 2020-custom trailboss Bought truck on feb 14; new. 280 miles in. Feb 16 system crashed while connected with apple play/ Waze app running. Feb 18 system crashed twice. Approx 9 am And 11am. Both time apple play and waze app running. Wondered if the problem was the waze app. Started running only Apple Map App. No problem until Friday feb 21. Feb 21 - 6:45 pm. Turn on truck with remote start. Get into truck, infotainment screen is black. Turn off Truck and Back on, screen still black. Tried same few times no change. Drive back home park for 15 min. Turn truck back on and it is working Waiting for dealer To give a loaner so I can drop the truck to get looked at. has anyone had the problem finally fixed?
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