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  1. 2020 chev 2500hd with duramax have the auto shutters wanted to put on bug screens this summer was told they are not available and not recommended because of the shutters has anyone else run in to this or has anyone put on bug screens with the shutters on. Truck came with a winter front which seems okay to put on truck in winter but not supposed to restrict airflow in summer.
  2. Front tires 60 psi Rear tires 70 psi This is on a 2020 chev 2500HD duramax
  3. I tried lowering mine from 70psi to 50psi but my low tire sensor comes on. My dealer won't lower the setting in the computer said it's a safety issue.
  4. I have a chev 2500 duramax standard box club cab 3/4 full of fuel weighed 3.700kg or [8,157 ibs]
  5. I'm thinking of installing the invisible camera in my 2020 chevy truck pulling a fifth wheel camper heading south for the winter and will need to use my navigation just wondering how this will work would I be able to do a split screen so I can view both options.
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