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  1. Ok, here we go guys and gals I'm been a 2500 guy for 30 years and have always ran stock Bilstein's on my trucks. This is the first 1500 I've had in an extremely long time and as such have a few questions. Oh, it's a 2020 1500 RST CC Z71 with the 5.3 standard box. I love the truck especially the ride, quite the difference between the 15's and 25's in ride Anyways, first off the Rancho's sux. I already have 20k on the truck and I'm looking for shocks. I'm looking at the 5100's as that is what I've always ran on my 2500's. I don't care about it being lifted or leveled, ok, maybe a little on level. What I care about is hauling and towing as after all it's a truck. I'm thinking of going with the rears set at zero and the fronts maybe an inch, but not much more. That way it looks a little more level. But my main concern is the rears as I'm almost always hauling something in the bed or towing. I tow a 7 x 16 enclosed snowmobile trailer, 2 place pwc trailer, 2 place snowmobile trailer and dump trailer. Depending on the what I'm towing or hauling the back sags, not what I'm use to with having 2500's. I'm thinking of getting a set of air bags also. But the first order of business is the shocks. Would 5100's the Bilstein B6 24-293471 be best for the rears and the Bilstein B8 5100 24-293297 for the fronts? Does anyone think the rears should go up a inch and maybe the fronts 2? Also, what airbags works best for towing and hauling. Thanks in advance for the help Oh, I plan on running the stock tire size once the factory ones wear out, if that makes a difference.
  2. This has nothing to do about what's in our driveway. I asked the OP a simple question which he hasn't got back to answering yet. He just got the truck and 8 days later loaded up the truck with wood and hooked up a boat, then took off in 100+ degree temps. The only thing I asked was what was the weight of the boat and payload of the wood (not counting driver, passengers and other gear) and if it could of contribute to the engine problem being such a new truck. If he would of replied or stated in the OP that the boat/trailer weighed 3k and the payload in the back was 500lbs, it would make sense that it probably was bad luck or poor quality control. You mean to say that you can tow/haul what every amount of weight you want and don't have to worry about it.
  3. Sorry to hear about the truck. The owners manual says not to tow before 500 miles and it's recommended to change the oil before towing heavy loads. Don't know the size of boat you was pulling, plus the weight the load of wood in the bed, but do you think this could of contribute to the engine problem?
  4. Go to Laura's GMC online and see what they have. I just looked and it looks like they have 12 in grey with the3.0 diesel and sunroof. I don't know what other options your looking for, but on average they are 10k off price. They are by St Louis, BUT I've heard of lots of people flying in, buying and driving the vehicle back home. Added. I have to say that I've never bought from them , BUT have called them a few times. I was looking at a new truck and they had exactly what I wanted. My problem was I had a trade in and didn't want to deal with driving it there and back if I felt they didn't offer me enough for my trade in. If you have no trade in they are hard to beat, but keep in mind they don't hold vehicles. What you might want today, could be gone tomorrow.
  5. Snowmobiling..... My dad bought our first sled during the blizzard of 67, from then on I was hooked. I saved my paper route money for what seemed like forever to purchase my own sled in 71. My one son is my riding partner and is into sleds just like me if not more. I used to collected vintage snowmobiles, but got out of that as I wanted to ride more than look at them, also when people started cloning and reproducing parts, it made the fun go away. During the summer we work on our sleds, mostly maintenance, we each have 2. We also each have a Sea Doo Spark PWC to pass the time away Other than that working on our place in northern Michigan, hope to retire there one of these years. Oh, and hockey. As you can tell we pretty much live for the winter. First pic - Sons and my sled (mine's on left) Second pic - 1975 Ski Doo RV245 Mod that I had. Also my handle on this and many other sites.
  6. It was a direct mailing to random individuals. Kind of like when you receive brochures from GM showing you current promotional offers. This particular one had a certificate number on it.
  7. Just picked up a 2020 Silverado RST CC. I tend to keep my vehicles for a long period of time like 10 years, traded in a 2010 HD2500, before that it was a 2000. Been doing the searching and researching and found some here in MIchigan. I was wondering if anyone had it done in Michigan and if so which installer did you use ? Were you happy with the outcome? Cost would be great? Did you do a partial, front end or full? Did you also do the ceramic coating? Pictures would be a plus. Thanks in advance
  8. Might you have them on your truck and if so is it possible to get a few pictures on them installed? Looking at them on the their website, they look sharp, just got their bed mat delivered yesterday
  9. I have a VP9, VP9sk, USP and just recently got a USPc, all 9mm. My favorite right now is the VP9sk, only do to the fact my wife staked claim on the USP, thus the reason for the USPc that she doesn't know I bought.
  10. I also have a VP9 and just picked up a VP9SK. The are great shooting pistols. Saving my coins for a P30.
  11. Just went out and looked all over again. It's not the plastic trim piece behind the door grab handles. That part is curved, this one is flat. Thanks for the help so far.
  12. I've hunted all over my truck to see where this goes. Son found it on the floor while using my truck one day. It has a number of 15298138 stamped om it. Did a search of the number and came up empty. The truck is a 2010 HD2500 with a center console if that matters. I put it this forum as I though it would get more hits. If needed to be more to the HD forum so be it. Thanks in advance
  13. The dealer we use has it so that the first 20 people that snocheck gets free delivery and setup, the next 20 get freight and setup for $200 and after that its $400, He was the first person to order this year. Last year I was the 18th.
  14. XRS Gade Silver/Orange. He was really looking at the 850's but with the track options along with the shock pkg's. He decided along with some help from me to get the XRS.. This is his first brand new sled. I didn't want him to spend more time working on a sled than riding. Nothing against the 850's, but you know how first year models go. Not only that he got a killer deal on it as he ordered it on the first day of sno check. He got like 2k off it.
  15. My sled (16 MXZx 1200) is just about ready to go. I did the oil & filter change along with the chaincase before putting her away for the summer. Also greased, washed, and waxed her. I always buy a cover for my sleds, keeps them cleaner. A week ago I put on the E-compact bag from Sled Solutions on it. I hate the looks of the Doo picnic baskets. I still have a few more things like adjusting the suspension and checking everything else. In the mean time, we're waiting for my son's sled to come in.
  16. Kinda of late, but love that sled. That would of been my choice, but I wanted a 4S.
  17. Well, the season is over except those in the high levels. Hope you did have a chance to ride. I only managed to get in about 500 miles with this crappy winter we had. I guess the good thing if you can call it that is my son snowchecked his first ever new sled. He ordered a 17 Gade XRS. We like the G4 chassis but there was a few things like shock and track choices that made him go towards the XS chassis. He didn't get the QA option.
  18. Shredzy, Yes it's a 1200. I wanted a 900X which Doo didn't offer. I wanted a 4 stroke so went with the 1200. I had a 04 REV 600HO prior to getting this sled, so it's quite a big jump up. I have 2 14 900HO Sparks. One is a 2 up and the other a 3 up. Love riding them especially in the sports mode. I'm sure with the RAS2 and R motion rear, it's going to be a great riding sled. I hit the big 6-0 this year so decided on a 4 stoke, especially after riding the Sparks. I had my share of working on sleds when I was heavy into vintage sleds. I'm hoping next year Doo does come out with a 900X. Cause if they Doo, my wife will be getting a new sled.
  19. Finally got around to getting a picture of my new sled. It's in my trailer right now, but will be heading to northern lower MI this coming weekend to it's new home. Got some accessories and stuff to add on once I get up there. Can't wait, bring on the SNOW........
  20. In high school I had a 72 Dodge Demon 340 with a automatic. Wish I would of kept it now, but sold it to by a Dodge Tradesman van.
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