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  1. I hope you get it figured out. I was hoping that it was a simple issue like it was for me.
  2. It’s most likely that your tires are oversized as well. I installed the Readylift kit and still had the stock tires. Drove perfect, I added larger tires and noticed a rumble when braking. It wasn’t enough to make marks on anything but it was the sidewall ballooning from the added weight of braking. If you think about driveline angles, your front axle shafts would be at a lesser angle when the front end is squatted from braking. In my case the sidewall of the Nittos was barely making contact with my upper a arms. The sidewall has work slightly and only the hardest braking scenario does it. The tires that I have are Nitto Ridge Grappler LT285/75R18 E 129/126Q basically 35x11.50x18. Another thing is that the Trail Boss wheels have .25” more offset than all the other stock wheels. I’m running these and it still would balloon and touch under hard braking. Hope this helps.
  3. It’s in the radio settings under apps, I think.
  4. Mine did this for the first time on Monday. I turned the truck on and off, still no signal. I just got some work done at the dealership so I asked them. They said contact SiriusXM. I got in my truck and thought, it’s a computer, let’s reset it. I went through the settings until I located the open apps. I forced closed SiriusXM and then opened it back up. It worked perfectly. it’s definitely a radio software issue. Force close the app and it will immediately work. FYI my 2019 never done this, only my new 2020 Trail Boss has had this issue.
  5. Awesome, yeah I think it’s supposed to work off of one of the front speakers. The amp has a crossover and the kicker control knob helps a lot. Here’s how I set my crossover for the control knob.
  6. I installed it in my 2019 RST. I then traded for a 2020 Trail Boss so I took pictures for reference while I was taking it out.
  7. I don’t think so. I zoomed in on one of the pictures and maybe the other wire had a stripe. I’m not 100% sure. Just go through the harness and look at any wires that are twisted. This indicates a pair. It’s certainly a yellow pair. I don’t think there was many wires that were paired together. It is also highly likely that any of the twisted pairs are speaker wires. Here’s the closeup. Look at the top it looks like it might have a stripe on the one that I thought was solid.
  8. Wait, you might have the wrong ones. I’ve done two installs and I had a yellow and yellow black pair. I don’t remember any blue stripes.
  9. You have the correct wires. Brown - Solid yellow Blue - Yellow w/black stripe
  10. Some of the holes have plugs in them. You have to remove the plugs to use the correct holes. There’s three different sets of holes that you could choose and still be under the rear doors. If you had stock step bars then the far rear and the 3rd set are both unplugged and were used with the stock bars. The ones that you need per amp research have plugs in them.
  11. Isn’t it crazy how much difference that one little piece makes. I love the white it really looks good with all the black accents.
  12. Yes Nitto 35x11.50, ReadyLift SST, 5.3 8spd, Flowmaster Catback, Amp powersteps, front air spoiler removed. As far as ride, I could feel the weight and stiffness of the tires more than the lift. It still rides good it’s just a little more bouncy in the rear than before. The SST lifted it almost 6” up front and almost 5 in the rear. When measuring the rear is 1/4” lower than the front from the ground to fender. Heres a little video to show off my first responder lights a little. A22C6E2B-7DA2-4BF8-88D7-25AFFD5DBE64.MOV
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