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  1. Edit- also I swapped in the stock converter and it had no effect at all.
  2. Long time reader, very active in hptuners forums posted similar questions on other forums with no luck. This is kinda long bear with me as I'm quite lost. 2016 gmc sierra all terrain Stock 8l90 3200 circle d converter Whipple 2.9 lt4 fuel system Snow perfoemance meth inejction Tsp 236/241 cam(kit) Truck is on low boost has the capability to make upwards of 900 but we are at 600 wheel right now Engine was out for the cam install, threw in the new converter, taken to a shop for the dyno tune for the new cam and converter. Made good power, trans wa
  3. Went ahead and ordered 2 knock sensors will be here in the morning. Thanks for the reply, once you start searching you can kind of get off track. 03-10 Update as there really isnt alot of information on this code for our trucks, Knock sensor did nothing to solve the issue, from what I was reading a bad pcm will cause this too, however I went ahead and changed my plugs out and found one that was loose . Went ahead and swapped out all plugs and she's back to running like a train. I was only getting the p0324 code no misfire codes or anything.
  4. Current truck, bought at 60k miles, currently have 95, whipple 2.9 installed at 76k , current issue p0324. No other codes, loss of power, garbage gas mileage, suspect either knock sensors or pcm as that's the only thing I can find on this topic. I have zero noise coming from the engine and still achieve 13 psi from the blower. Not losing coolant, or oil. Loss of power obviously coming from the car pulling timing as it's in a safe mode. Just need advice on whether or not it's going to be the pcm or the knock sensors themselves. Any advice would be appreciated. Btw the truck is strictly 93
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