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  1. Hoping that the walnut blast/manual clean will improve the idle once completed - been chasing it for a long time! Yeah just once! I was expecting it to be worse in all honesty - maybe this had something to do with it.
  2. Saw gone_fishing post pictures of his intake valves at 30,000 miles. Thought I would show some photos of my valve deposits at 100,000 miles without a catch can as I was curious myself. I was experiencing a pretty rough and intermittent idle a few months ago (shaking the truck kind of rough) and put a can of sea-foam through the intake. This worked for approximately 5000 miles but eventually returned. I took the intake manifold off to give things a look and as expected, intake valves (photos of only ports 1 and 2) aren't looking so hot. Planning on walnut blasting or manually cleaning when things warm up, still -25C (-13F) here in Alberta.
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