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  1. Washed & waxed it this weekend between rain showers. Yesterday after noon installed a Diamondback SE and Cross Bin.
  2. Thanks, I like the look better than the stock tires. I'd say they definitely made the ride a bit firmer which I don't mind (coming from 24 years in a F-350 running an assortment of MT's and All - Terrains). I didn't think about going with the 285/65's, I just played it safe with the 275/65's knowing they would fit. If 285/65's fit with out rubbing, I could see myself going that direction next time, I think it would look better with a little more width.
  3. I guess they look lower than they actually are. I just now measured from the bottom of the rocker panel lip to the bottom of the running board appears to be about 3-1/4", and measuring from an uneven gravel driveway to the bottom of the running board is 11-1/2" to 12-1/2" (with the rake of the pickup, that seems reasonable).
  4. I believe I have the GMC version of Thomcat's on my AT4. They were on the one that I bought off the lot. I haven't had running boards on a pickup before. Observations after 1,800 miles: Pluses; has to prevent rock chips on rocker panel and makes it easier to get in to the rig. Minuses; hangs down pretty low, gathers mud on top of it so that sometimes when you get in you track in mud that isn't on the ground (just on the running board), slicker than snot when it gets iced up, as it does this time of the year out here. Jury is still out for me.
  5. Went from a 96' leveled F-350 to a 2020 AT4, I'm 5'-11" and 61 years old. I think the AT4 at floor level is a couple inches lower. Mine has the double cab sport step. Getting in is easy, haven't quite mastered the exit dance yet.
  6. 2020 AT4, 1,500 miles. It worked consistently early on (I usually turned it off at the end of my driveway), has not been working the last couple of weeks. Just noticed it wasn't working lately.
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