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  1. I agree with the original poster. I always remote start my truck before getting in. Why? Because of the stupid EPA cat-light-off is why. I don't want to get in my truck, wait for 2 minutes for the engine to settle down before I put it into gear. I'm not a fan at shifting into drive or reverse at 1500 rpm's. If I don't remote start, then I have to listen to the engine roar and sit at high idle until the catalytic converters light off. I miss the 90's when I could just turn the key and the car would idle at a reasonable RPM.
  2. Is there a part number for these new insulators alone without the whole spring assembly? If so, I'll just replace my insulators. It won't take more than 30 minutes.
  3. I like that feature. It makes the doors so you don't have to slam them and pop/plug up your ears from the cabin pressure.
  4. I did my truck last night and figured I would post up initial impressions. Granted I only have about 20 miles on the new setup. I take the same route I have been for the last 14 years on my way to work. It's a 10 mile jaunt that has sub 30mph roads with cracks, sewer caps, a railroad crossing, and massive speed bumps in my parking lot. Starting out this morning for the first 2 blocks there was zero difference. I was actually disappointed. The road was smooth as it always is, then I pulled on the interstate. I reached about 40 mph until traffic slowed up. Pulled off the highway and took my side roads. I noticed the bumps in the road instead of a sharp *CRACK* was more of a mild *THUD*. The explosive dash banging was reduced to a normal ride. The first for this truck. I then realized *a-ha*, the shocks are probably needing time to settle in or break-in. As I got closer and closer to work, it got only better. I think I'll need a thousand miles on them before they're fully settled in but only time will tell. The most impressive thing on the whole trip were our mammoth speed bumps we have. They're real short and sharp. My truck used to launch upwards and the shock would top-out when going over them causing a hard BANG. Now it just floats up effortlessly and settles in where it should. Overall I would say if you're a dumbass and don't know about cars, don't bother replacing them. If you're a connoisseur of the perfect driving experience, you'll appreciate the subtle changes the shocks made for the money. So far, I'm happy. I'll update this thread as the miles rack up.
  5. I have a 2017 regular cab, short box, 2wd Z85 truck. I have sitting on my workbench a brand new set of 4600 bilsteins. I was going to try to find time to install them today. I will give you a review if you can wait a bit. The rears will only take a few minutes but it'll be my first time removing strut springs so I'm not sure if I can get the front done in the limited amount of time I have.
  6. I just received my 4600 bilsteins in the mail today from shock warehouse. I was surprised that the front ones came in brown boxes. Is this normal or can someone tell me if they're supposed to come in a different box? Just seemed a little too "generic" for the packaging.
  7. Does anyone included in this thread want to sell me their stock air lid? Mine someone has developed a crack and I need a replacement. I'm in MN but would be happy to pay for shipping if someone wouldn't mind helping!
  8. Don't touch the bearings. Seals I would replace as they conform to the axle surface. It's an easy job, don't sweat it.
  9. Anyone with a SLE or SLT grille that wants to sell, hit me up. I'm definitely interested.
  10. Drive over to the dealership late at night, swap gates with another one of the same color. Done.
  11. Looking to purchase a 16-18 GMC Sierra SLE trim level grille. Must be in excellent or like new condition with no broken tabs or cracks. I'm located in MN but will pay shipping. Also looking for a passenger side regular headlight that is in similar condition with no broken tabs or repairs!
  12. I would love to see a data log and map the gas pedal position vs throttle plate position along with MAF readings. GM makes garbage gas pedals and these trucks are known to have a bad air lid casting and or MAF sensors.
  13. Greystone, would you mind grabbing your invoice for this visit and sharing with us any information that pertains to getting the ECM updated for a batter idle? I'd rather my dealer start with doing something like this before we throw motor mounts and other stuff at it. My truck has 10k miles and runs smooth in rhythm but rough in feeling. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  14. Backlash? Guys, your gears aren't going to cause the shaking/vibration type that we're experiencing. Humming and whining are more indicative of a backlash issue. This shaking we're all experiencing is related to a rotating mass (axles, tires, wheels, brake rotors, driveshaft, etc). Even pinion angle would have more of an effect than backlash.
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