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  1. Check for accidents. It could be bondo cracking under the paint.
  2. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was looking at my truck. Indeed the black reg cab, short box GMC SLE trucks are hard to find. Especially the ones with the power convenience package (power seats, fog lights, etc). I live in MN and drove to Boise, ID to get mine from Dennis Dillon. Everything was going well until I got there though and they changed the price on me. That's a whole different story though. It's hard to beat the looks on these. Probably the best looking GM fullsize truck on the road. I also agree, I think the 3.42 trucks with the 5.3L in this body configuration are the fastest combo out there.
  3. I don't know how much more premium is in your area vs 87 but in MN it's only 20 cents more a gallon. 20 cents times 20 gallons (at fillup) equates to 4 dollars. I would just spend the $4 at each fillup and be done. I run 91 non-oxy in all my stuff since I don't like ethanol touching the fuel components of my vehicles.
  4. How long would you say they needed your truck in the shop to replace the mounts? Is this something you can wait for or does it take more than a couple hours?
  5. I see they still haven't fixed the issue with the uneven tailgate cables. One is taught and the other has slack in it.
  6. Still waiting for those part numbers on the updated mounts.......
  7. I still contend it has to do with an unbalance of the firing of the engine. Not the firing order but at a low speed there's cylinder pressure being bled off, weak spark or an imbalance of fuel making its way into all 8 cyls. Is it fuel? Valves not seating? Rings? something related to AFM? The lower the engine speed, the more sensitive an engine is to any flaws in operation. The first test would be a leakdown and compression test of all 8 cyls. If those were good I would flowmatch the injectors. If that's all fine then I'd be looking at spark. Maybe it has something even to do with the cam lobes on 4 of the cyls being different than the other 4 (AFM camshafts aren't symmetrical)
  8. I plan on doing mine in the driveway. My local dealer I wouldn't trust with an air filter change so that's why I'm just going to do these myself. I plan on pulling the fender liners then loosening up trans mount, both motor mounts and I haven't decided if I should remove manifolds or loosen up the y-pipe. I'll probably do manifolds since I don't have a hoist but that's no big deal. Where would you suggest jacking the engine up by? My truck is 2wd. I'd love to see a video if you made one!
  9. Looking forward to those part numbers. Did you notice a dramatic difference right away with the new mounts? I would imagine they only get better as they break-in.
  10. Can we get the part numbers for the updated mounts? I would just rather buy them and change them out myself. Thank you in advance!
  11. Has anyone bothered to do a cylinder balance test on one of these engines to see if there's possibly an injector that's not flowing the same as the others? This would be simple to do with HP Tuners. I'm going to be testing mine this spring. Perhaps something as simple as flow-matching the injectors would cure this.
  12. CTEK 4.3 Polar charger. It will be the last charger you will need. End of story.
  13. Has it gotten any worse or has the noise leveled off? I have a hard time hearing the noise in your videos, but that's not to say it's not there. I have a distinct tap noise in mine but it's very faint and again it's about every 4 or 5 turns of the crankshaft before I hear it. I think it's the injection pump myself but oh well. If the engine blows up someday I'll just stuff a 6.2L in
  14. It's probably only one of the compounding issues. If the driveshaft is perfectly balanced now, it's down to differential or tires/wheels. Let me ask you this, have you put the truck on jackstands, taken the wheels off, reinstall lugnuts and run it up to 75-80 on jackstands? It should be perfectly smooth. If not, you have something in the differential out of balance or possibly even the transmission. Put it on jackstands, remove tires, reinstall lugs and run it up to speed and tell us what it's like.

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