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  1. Does anyone included in this thread want to sell me their stock air lid? Mine someone has developed a crack and I need a replacement. I'm in MN but would be happy to pay for shipping if someone wouldn't mind helping!
  2. Don't touch the bearings. Seals I would replace as they conform to the axle surface. It's an easy job, don't sweat it.

    Anyone with a SLE or SLT grille that wants to sell, hit me up. I'm definitely interested.
  4. Drive over to the dealership late at night, swap gates with another one of the same color. Done.
  5. Looking to purchase a 16-18 GMC Sierra SLE trim level grille. Must be in excellent or like new condition with no broken tabs or cracks. I'm located in MN but will pay shipping. Also looking for a passenger side regular headlight that is in similar condition with no broken tabs or repairs!
  6. I would love to see a data log and map the gas pedal position vs throttle plate position along with MAF readings. GM makes garbage gas pedals and these trucks are known to have a bad air lid casting and or MAF sensors.
  7. Fixed rough idle

    Greystone, would you mind grabbing your invoice for this visit and sharing with us any information that pertains to getting the ECM updated for a batter idle? I'd rather my dealer start with doing something like this before we throw motor mounts and other stuff at it. My truck has 10k miles and runs smooth in rhythm but rough in feeling. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Backlash? Guys, your gears aren't going to cause the shaking/vibration type that we're experiencing. Humming and whining are more indicative of a backlash issue. This shaking we're all experiencing is related to a rotating mass (axles, tires, wheels, brake rotors, driveshaft, etc). Even pinion angle would have more of an effect than backlash.
  9. Yes they are extremely rare. Probably the rarest of the body configurations. Then to find one with a power seat and fog lights is even tougher. Are you looking to buy new only? I have a 2017 that I would consider selling that has 7800 miles on it. Black in color. I am in MN though. It got stored last winter. I haven't driven it much but have been considering buying a sports car instead. PM me if interested.
  10. My 2015 Silverado was so bad I went through 4 rear differentials before I had one that worked (didn't whine) in less than 2300 miles. (no that's not a typo).
  11. Wow, the rear differential is that bad in the 14-18 trucks that they only used it for 4 years before redesigning it again. Hopefully this will solve all the manufacturing issues they had with the previous ones.
  12. The last time I tightened up the backlash on a rear differential, it went out about 20k miles later. Once the gears have taken set, I would advise not changing backlash or making any other adjustments. Maybe you'll get lucky, I guess I would advise just be careful.
  13. 2019 Silverado Priced Starting At $29,795

    Wow, is the regular cab short box truck dead? I bet the extended cab short box truck shares the same frame as the regular cab long box. Is this the death of this body configuration?
  14. Crack in paint

    Check for accidents. It could be bondo cracking under the paint.
  15. My new 2018, SLE Regular Cab

    If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was looking at my truck. Indeed the black reg cab, short box GMC SLE trucks are hard to find. Especially the ones with the power convenience package (power seats, fog lights, etc). I live in MN and drove to Boise, ID to get mine from Dennis Dillon. Everything was going well until I got there though and they changed the price on me. That's a whole different story though. It's hard to beat the looks on these. Probably the best looking GM fullsize truck on the road. I also agree, I think the 3.42 trucks with the 5.3L in this body configuration are the fastest combo out there.

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