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  1. I have a trail boss so 2” factory lift I have 34” nittos had to pull back liner and trim mud guard, I’m told gmc have even less clearance so unfortunately without minor trimming no amount of lift seems to help gm trucks clear tires that I don’t feel are even that big, with a 4-6” lift 37” should be the topic of discussion but oh well just looked at the dealers 6” lifted trucks yesterday in my town, they are running 35” by 12.5” wides and they have the liners basically shaved in half on both gmc and chevys.
  2. Nitto Terra grappler g2 275/65/r20 xd snare 0mm offset
  3. I owned the 4.3l trailboss ended up trading up for a 6.2 the 4.3 is honestly overlooked though zippy little engines for sure powered the trailboss no problem for me the 6 speed trans was the down side. If you want to dyno it I can’t see why not performance can come under any hood with enough money and know how.
  4. Pretty sure there was a guy with a laser cut decal on the what did you do to your t1 thread I think page 161 or 162 he said the company name can’t remember off hand though
  5. Maybe a light cutting pad and a little compound? I really like soanex but McGuire is always a great go to, hope this helps
  6. Hello all I’m new to the forum as I just acquired a Chevy long time dodge owner. I wanted to hopefully pass along some helpful information on my tire size and trimming needed to be able to clear without rubbing, I replaced the stock duratracs which I found to be horrible for some Nitto terra grappler g2’s the factory tire I believe measured out to a true 32 1/2 I replaced with 275/65 r20 and my rims run a 0 offset they are a true 34”. I was told I could run 35’s stock no problem, if you can good luck to you! For trimming I had to remove the mud flap there are 3 stars i believe the size was t15 but I could be wrong and one 10mm bolt to release the flap from the body it’s also secured by an anchor so be careful, try pulling straight out. There is one more star that holds the liner remove it as well it’s behind the mud flap , Then lift the carpet liner you will see the bracket it’s mounted to, there are 4 13mm bolts and the bracket pops right off. Zip tie the liner to a preexisting hole put a small hole in the liner and tighten the zip I cut roughly 2” off the inside of the flap and reinstalled. I am currently running these tires without major cuts to my liner just the “Chevy mud flap mod” buyer beware the trucks wheel wells do not support the tire size you would assume I hope this can save some money and heartache!
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