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  1. It wasn’t unreasonable when they took his 60K to 70K
  2. Ive tried to move but this little town in South Carolina is like a magnet it keeps pulling me back. Back home.. lol I surly would not leave o er some property taxes. Lol that would cost more..
  3. I hope so because the guys at the dealership are good upright and just guys they are just stuck in the middle of a “strike truck that was built on a Monday or Friday. Got my property taxes in and my own state only values the truck at 45K. With all the bells and whistles. Ive made three truck payments, paid $1,600 in property taxes carried insurance on it for three months and only have had in my yard for 2 weeks, I purchased the truck on 12-31-2019. I’ve lost a job I bid on and won because I didn’t have a truck instead they didn’t have a loner truck to put me in, Placed me in a New Cadillac car that I couldn’t haul my welding equipment in to the job site. The mere fact that I have had to have major work done to the vehicle under 1000 miles makes the truck worth a whole lot less as it will never be the same as one that has been untouched by human mechanic hands outside of the assembly line. Fatigue factor as hail in most of the service shops are overworked so I never anticipated a smooth engine swap it always comes with nagging problems after the fact and probably more to come so Jim has asked me to keep the vehicle and what amount it would take to settle this deal the way it sits now. as it sits now I have $7000 tied up in it for payments owed not including all the loss so you can imagine I will be settling For double that. This is a $70,000 truck I paid with a check from my bank for $55,000 then to find out its only worth about 45,000 so $16,000 sounds fair. Stuff happens and yes you have to move on but unlike some of these crazy responses like the guy saying “bring your truck to me and let me kick in your door and see how you feel about it then” or something of that sort. Thats the difference between ignorance and stupidity versus wisdom and maturity! whatever loss you take in life and it was deemed to be unjust you simply try to work it out with the dealership or shop and if that fails you take them in front of the judge so the court of law can make your situation fair and just! at the end of the day you just have to get it settled so you are not at a loss and you are getting what you paid for and when it not you allow GMC to settle with you monetarily. if I sell my truck I couldn’t get anywhere close to what I paid for it because of all the failures and major replacements it has taken, nor can I lie and sell it not revealing all the troubles it’s only got 1,208k miles now just ran to the store. 8 speed transmission are worse design ever the good ole ”Chevy shake”. i have also owned 2015 Yukon Denali that had so many issues at 55K miles that I had to trade it in on a 2017 Yukon Denali hoping it had the bugs worked out. Wrong, wrong transmission fluid was used at the factory and delivered to the dealership. That fluid has tore my transmission up or at least the torque converter. Had to get in touch with GMC corporate get a case number and then start doing research that’s how I found out that the wrong fluid was used in these transmissions coming out of Fort Wayne factory in Texas causing the transmission to perform poorly and the clutch plates and other mechanical parts in the transmission failing prematurely. Had to have A double flush and filter installed to overcome the shutter hard shifting and slippage while driving. instead of using their brand of transmission fluid they now have moved to mobile one transmission fluid specially designed for those eight speed transmission I believe there’s a technical bulletin that was released on it. anyway as you can see I’ve been a GMC fan but it seems that the product is just not holding up and causing more headaches in trouble for the end-user than anyone can stand so my next vehicle will be a Toyota tundra crew cab. I love Chevrolet and GMC and I hate working on vehicles I’ve done it all my life I figured if I had enough money to buy a new one I would never have to work on it well that’s true I just have to take it to the shop every week. maybe some of this information can help somebody but you’re definitely not the only person out there if you are having trouble and there are ways to make these situations just and fair and equal you’re not gonna profit from these things because of time lost in downtime and interest for payments made but you can get them to devalue the vehicle as it should be so you walk away With GMC returning some of your money so you get what you pay for.
  4. I got one for you... I purchased a brand new 2019 GMC Denali 4x4 w/6.2 all the bells and whistles. Had 7 miles on it when I purchased it. At or around 576 miles truck engine stalls out and will not restart, in the process something started smelling like wires burning stranded me out in no mans land. After dealership inspected turns out the entire electrical box shorted out under the hood causing 400 amp fuse block to blow. All good stuff happens then right at 896 miles driving to pickup my daughter and what do you know the engine started raising hell the oil pressure dropped then the motor blew. Spun a Bearing crashed the cam and crank shafts. three weeks go by they slapped a brand new motor in, went to pick it up drove it home and on the way the AC compressor blew up so had to take it back again. Picked it up after that only to find a nice dent in my passenger side door and my wireless charging pad stop working. Had to take it back again it was sent to the body shop and the charger was replaced it blew out too. I currently have 1188K on the dash. GM will either settle with me our face a lawsuit my truck actually falls under the lemon law in South Carolina. After being stranded twice with less than 1000K miles on it let’s say I’ve been to war with GM. Had to get a lawyer to get this straight. Sticker was 71K I’m so glad I didn’t pay that for it that would of made it hurt even worse. upright and just if the product is broke make GMC settle up with you if you are going to keep it. It’s a long process to stay the course. If you are in the right they will have no choice but to work with you or face a larger lawsuit.
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