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  1. I have a box full of miscellaneous interior trim from a 2011 Silverado, and i hate to trash them. Anyone that wants them, pay the shipping, and they are yours.
  2. My 2007 Silverado regular cab long bed, McGaugheys lowering kit, 4" front, 5" rear, factory SS wheels, Falken ZO5's painter mirror caps and bumper ends, rolled rear pan....the "Red Matter II",...(from Star Trek)
  3. Hey!!...new here, but not new to Chevy trucks...has anybody retrofitted a factory keyless entry to a WT??...I hear there is wiring in these trucks for options, but if you didnt pay GM when you bought them, they werent installed..what other options can be retro fitted??
  4. I know it's a 2007, just sold it and starting over with a 2017 RCSB...
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