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  1. We got a fully loaded AT4 at 52.8K with a 3.0 and a 6.6 Duramax 2500 Denali for 62.8K. Great finds! best of luck
  2. Ok Team, Its me again, what are we expecting to see for incentives and rebates this May? I'm predicting 1500s stay at $6500, maybe actually decrease to $6K. I'm going to predict that 2500/3500 increase to $4250. To clarify, I'm speaking to GMC terms. Whats everyone got?
  3. I purchased my 2020 1500 AT4. 14K off MSRP. I felt it was a good price, and so far thoroughly enjoy it. 66,8K MSRP and got it for 52.6K. Dad is now shopping for a 2500/3500 Sierra HD Denali. GM excluded the cash back on the AT4s of $3500. Anyone have input on the future for May? Sounds like those AT4s are hot tickets. I'm guessing maybe a little more incentive as we creep towards June, but who knows. Thanks again to everyone on here! It surely helped in my decision making process. Thanks J
  4. I can assure you this will be a bounce back. You need to look deeper into the economy. It’s what I do daily. I’ll wager an AT4 on this if you want. We bounce back by June 15th. Honestly, may start climbing now. A lot of the unemployed are asking for unemployment. It’s even a larger stimulus than was designed. The large companies with over 500 employees are committing and spending dollars up 15 percent compared to the last 2 years. Think what you want, but your arrogance is what gets you into trouble. This is a pause and we will slow down again in September. Then expect a large push in Feb 2021. I would get out by Summer/Fall of 2023.
  5. Not sure the logic here. Rental companies release cars off mileage and use. No one is using. Used cars and trucks only flood markets when people are upgrading or in economic downturns. We are not heading for a recession. We are in a temporary pause. Car sales will track to be as normal minus the 4 month pause. Even with your updated numbers, they are tracking for great 8 month run.
  6. Anyone know if I can swap my SLE 2020 Sierra 1500 to the multipro tailgate?
  7. Im at 13.5K off Msrp an AT4 right now. I think around 20.5 percent. I would give up the AT5 for 25percent. I have the authorization code, but they won’t budge off the 13.5K. Did you go SLT version?
  8. I think alot of dealers are holding tight. I'm at 13.488K off MSRP. I'm going to wait until they want to move it. So far everything over the phone, and 1 visit so they knew I was real. I'm pushing to get 15K and ill make the move.
  9. That’s my point. I would assume it’s GMs money bank. So why they fight it so much is interesting. I have them down $6K from dealer. $6500 from GMC and you should be able to get more. Maybe the dealers 6K is from the msrp starting point?
  10. They have had it in place for awhile. So far the website seems to be showing 0 percent extended. So what’s with the first responder discount? Marketing ploy? I have had 3 dealerships tell me that using the first responder discount doesn’t do anything to help me. Both are saying the $6500 dealer and $6500 GMC cash is the best price offer. Why wouldn’t the dealer add it to the GMC cash?
  11. I said on another post that I think its very likely they go to week to week or bi weekly incentives. Making the consumer either buy or wait. They aren't removing the incentives. Every truck that is sold right now is money ahead. They are getting paid to make ventilators. Plus they will be rotating to 2021 production, so really the timing is about right.
  12. You referring to the supplier pricing discount they already have had in place for those workers as you described?
  13. Its my belief that GM will be increasing the incentive or even more likely allowing for a trade allowance incentive. It's true that inventory will decrease, but just as proportionality or maybe worse so will the buyers. It wouldn't surprise me if they keep doing a week to week or bimonthly incentives as they assess where they are. They are getting paid to produce ventilators. It's probably the best thing for them right now. For my personal situation, I'm going to wait for the trade allowance or another $500-$1500 added to rebates. As discussed I got the AT4 down to 52.5K, but several in the area. If they sale, o well. Wasn't meant to be and lesson learned I guess. I find it suspect too that they end this current incentive on a Tuesday. I'm thinking a quick blast for a week or two to move some product. Several states cant even sale right now, and many more look to be joining them soon in the next two weeks! Here's to April 8th and beyond.
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