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  1. Man I just want to thank you for the help on this. I registered an account just to tell you. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to replace on my 97. I had a misfire between 2300-2600 rpm or so. If you tried to cruise at that rpm range it would feel pretty jumpy. I replaced the cap and rotor and it seemed like the hesitation was more pronounced. I was getting P0141 for an O2 sensor, P0300 for engine misfire, and P0304 for cyl. 4 misfire. I have an O2 sensor on the way already. I saw this thread did exactly what you said. I paid $10 for the dash command app and another $10 to add the Cam r e t a r d PID and went outside and warmed up the truck. The cam r e t a r d was at 11 degrees. I thought surely that had to be the problem after reading this thread. I loosened the distributor clamp and turned it counterclockwise in small increments and revved it to 13 or 1400 rpm after each adjustment to refresh the cam r e tard reading. I finally got it to -0.2 degrees and let it idle for a few minutes after that. I turned the truck off and got back in the truck and cleared the codes with the same app. Drove it down the street at a normal pace and held it in the previously problematic rpm range and it is running beautifully. It idles better than ever and feels so much smoother getting up to speed. I wonder how long my timing has been off like this. Thanks again man, you were a huge help. I had to put spaces in the word r e t a r d because my first post was automatically edited because apparently that's a bad word? Context is key...
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