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  1. Is anyone running the BDS 3.5" DSC Coilover Lift Kit? Searched around but all I come up with is rough country 3.5 lift. If so any opinions on the lift or the cv angles, what tires you running? Thanks.
  2. Was looking into the 4 inch BDS lift. Would like to install myself. Was looking through the tools needed and says welder is needed. Was seeing those running bds lift if welding was actually needed or does the kit bolt up after the cuts are made. thanks
  3. Mine was doing that couple of weeks ago. Kept putting in my chevy app password. Kept telling me wrong password. After about 3 days of this it finally took the password and hasn't been back since.
  4. thanks for the replies. I ended up resetting my chevy app password. entered the new password and message has not been back. Not sure why it didn't take my old password. but all is good now.
  5. I hit the don't remind also when I first started the truck on my way to work. it clears the message. Then place truck in park and message showed up again. not sure what password it is asking for. can log into my gm and xm on the web without issue but when I use the password for the infotainment it says invalid.
  6. Has anyone had a message show up on the infotainment system that reads (Put in password to resumed connected services). The month long on star trial ended about a month ago but message started showing up this week. message gives 3 options. to remind late, don't remind, and enter password. have tried the passwords from my gm app and xm but comes up invalid. I hit the don't remind option and shows up next time I start the truck. I never had a subscription with on star other than the free trial. everything works on the infotainment just tired of this message coming up on the screen. thanks
  7. New to the forum. Have a 2020 rst 6.2l. Looking for a new exhaust sound since the factory exhaust is so quiet. Wanted to see if anyone has installed the flowmaster active exhaust. Wondering how it sound? https://www.holley.com/products/exhaust/exhaust_systems/flowmaster/flowfx/dual_mode_muffler/parts/717911
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