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  1. Because when I ordered It 1 month before it wasn’t $250 cheaper on Amazon. RealTruck was cheaper at that time.
  2. They are absolutely horrible. I ordered a Corsa exhaust from them. After a month of waiting and being told by 3 different reps on 3 different days that it was shipping tomorrow I was finally able to cancel the order. Ordered from Amazon the next day for $250 cheaper and it was delivered in 2 days. Stay far away from RealTruck.
  3. I certainly don’t mind the interior of my 2020 Trail Boss. That being said, I absolutely love this new interior.
  4. I have been wondering the same thing. 2020 Trail Boss Crew Cab here and they are only on my front door handles.
  5. The dealer should run a battery diagnostic on your truck. Same thing happened to me. The tests takes 4 hours according to my dealer. They ran mine and my battery came back as borderline fail. They ran the diagnostic a second time and the battery failed. A new battery was then installed and covered under warranty. My truck had 1000 miles when this happened. Everything has been fine since for my 2020 Trail Boss.
  6. I had the same issue with my 2020 Trail Boss at 900 miles. It was a bad battery. The dealer hooked it up to a battery diagnostic machine for a 4 hour test. It came back as borderline fail. They ran the test again for another 4 hours and it failed. The battery was then replaced.
  7. I sprayed it just like normal. 6 coats of black and 3 coats of clear gloss. I pealed everything off and the whole emblem was black. I then went in with a tooth pick and scored around the red of the badge and peeled off the paint from just the red. It went fairly smooth.
  8. New member here, and I just finished dipping all my emblems and my tail pipes on my Trail Boss. They came out great!
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