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  1. Charged the battery overnight. Truck ran fine today. AC is still not working correctly, however. Air is blowing about 50% out of the vents and 50% out of the floor. Still gonna take it to the dealer Monday morning.
  2. First timer and first ever Chevy. Been a Ford guy forever. Anyway, I go to get in my truck tonight (1,876 miles) and nothing. It’s just dead. Called GM and they walked me through to finally getting it started. Now, the check engine light won’t go off and the parking brake will not disengage. The AC was only blowing out of the dash and floor and wouldn’t come out of the vents. The DIC did flash low battery too. Just weird. Been waiting for nearly 4 hrs for a tow truck to take it to the dealership. Thank goodness it happened at my house. Anyone ever heard of this kind of issue? Could a completely dead battery have caused this and the truck’s computer just needs resetting?
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