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  1. I helped do the door handles. I let the door latch lock go and had to figure out how to bring the latch back to catch the handle though. That sucks.. don’t do that. I also wrapped a few of the chrome parts on the center console area. The sun glare was intense. The cup holder ring, and the two side pieces with wood trim. They just pop out. For the rest my neighbor had me drop it off at his shop, so it was super easy haha. It took him and one other guy 1-1/2 days to complete the rest. They said it was harder than it seemed to take off all the other parts. I don’t know if they only worked on my truck the entire time either. Are you planning on doing it all by yourself?
  2. I just installed the gator trax. It’s been one day but so far it’s been nice. It gets tight towards the end but the instructions do say it’s part of the break in process. I installed it by myself without any issues and took me maybe an hour. Most time was measuring and Measuring again once it was on. Hopefully it’ll increase my mpg on the highways. Just filled it up so will see in two weeks when it’s refill time. I got 13.9 idc and 12.7 On my own calculation. Quite a big difference. Hopefully the truck is off and not the gas pump...
  3. Nipple rings ahahaha! I just black out the gmc and it looks twenty times better. When I get time I’ll do the rings.
  4. Chrome delete process, to blackout the toe hooks or not? New KMC wheels. Bed cover on its way. Amp power steps are next.
  5. Hey bass, how much wrap are you expecting to need to complete the blackout project? I’m looking to order some but I have no idea how much I’ll need.
  6. For the life of me i cant figure out how to reset the average on the 2020 sierra... the normal hold to reset just brings the distant settings up.
  7. Can you post a picture of the front. I am wanting to the same pieces as you. Also did you take the door handles off to do those?
  8. New wheels for this beast of a truck! Blacking out some chrome soon.
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