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  1. Also on the WT, an upgrade to 18" wheels and all-terrain tires will raise your GVWR by a couple hundred pounds.
  2. I wish someone with a higher mileage L8T would borescope the intake and show what their intake valves look like.
  3. I am looking at buying a 6.6 gas and plan on keeping the truck long for a long time. My concern is the GDI intake valve carbon issue and how well GM has mitigated it with their built in oil/air separator in the CCV system. Will the intake valves need periodic cleaning such as walnut blast or CRC chemical cleaning? Does it need a catch can? Has anyone pulled a CCV hose and seen oil passing through or has anyone borescope'd the intake after a good amount of miles? I know the earlier German GDI engines have had the worst issues, and that other manufacturers are using a dual injection (port and direct) system. I just wish GM would do the dual injection so I wouldn't have to worry about it.
  4. Also keep in mind the load ratings of the tires. The larger rim sizes in all terrain tire style typically have higher load ranges than the 17" with all season tire. I have noticed too in the trims that I am looking at, going from a 17" all season tire to an 18" all terrain tire actually raises the GVWR sticker rating by 200 lbs.
  5. Has anyone added an OEM Integrated brake controller to a 2020 HD truck that did not have one optioned from the factory? Is it plug and play? Does it require programming? I understand with the 2019s that this is not possible to do and aftermarket is the only option. Thanks. David
  6. Bump. I am also interested in this as well. Jay, were you able to find more information that you can post? As I understand, GM has patented a 2-stage oil/air separator system. I have found no positive indication that this new system is used on the L8T 6.6 gas engine. Does anyone know if the GM L8T 6.6 gas engine incorporates the new patented 2 stage oil separating system? A Chevrolet engineer being interviewed by Mr. Truck at 17:30 minutes briefly discussed an oil/air separator being built into the L8T 6.6 gas engine PCV system and he says that it will "completely" remove the oil from air entering the induction system and that only exhaust by-products are returned to be burned. This raises questions: Does "completely" mean 100% oil removal (no can required)? Has anyone installed a catch can on a L8T 6.6 and is catching oil in it? Has anyone pulled the PCV hoses off of the new 6.6 and has found oil passing into the air intake? Thanks David
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