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  1. I don’t believe that the 6.6 has the resonator due to not having AFM/DFM. I don’t remember seeing one under my truck.
  2. I have a regular cab 1 ton w/t and I find the seats just fine. I agree with MTU get the 18” wheel package better ride and it fills out the wheel wells much better too.
  3. The fluid is in there while parts are being used for the first time right??? Hence “break in”.
  4. Grumpy, why the red line over the amsoil? I am coming up on my 5000 mi get the breakin fluid out change and if you can let me know why? I have always used Amsoil before but am open to others if it is better for my application by the way I have the 6l90 transmission. Thanks in advance
  5. Maxed the truck out the other day hauling dads 5th wheel no issues here. These trucks do their best when around 3500 to 4000 rpm keep it there and have never noticed a lack of power.
  6. I also doubt it would be standard. From my point of view I like the 6 speed be it crude and have its normal gm 6 speed issues it is rock solid and the other 2 I have had were trouble free for 250k plus miles.
  7. I feel the same from time to time but only in 3rd gear. My previous 6.0 truck with the 6l90 would do the same thing and it never missed a beat in the 200k plus I owned it. I am just glad I don’t have the 2-3 flare that my previous truck had since tuning is out of the picture with these new trucks. Hope this info helps.
  8. Yes the 0w20 is thin for our motors. Up there in Canada if you wanted you could use a 0w30 to help with the cold starts but I would be concerned with the 20 weight oil once up to temp. It states right in the owners manual to use either the 5w30 or 0w30 for temps below -20 F
  9. Just got back from a family vacation to the Smokey Mtns with our 36’ TT about 9500 lbs loaded with gear and I didn’t have any oil consumption over the 1000 mi round trip. Towed great and had no power issues with keeping speed up the grades in eastern Tennessee. My truck just turned over 4500 miles on the return trip. On a side note as part of my breakin I drove the truck like I normally would the first 1000 miles and changed out the factory oil fill for 5w30 Mobil extended performance with a wix filter. I had great luck with this combo on my old 6.0 that gave me well over 200,000 trouble free miles. Hoping this new 6.6 will return the same. Let us know what your dealer says on the oil consumption I would be interested in knowing.
  10. I have had it a few time but only during extremely hard braking, my 09 2500 with the 6l90 would do the same and got 250,000 trouble free miles from it.
  11. Did some research if your truck has the factory 245 tires the overall diameter is 31.5”, the 265 tires are 31.6”. Now the 285/65r18 will be 32.6” and the factory 275/70r18 will be 33.7“. Below is a picture of my truck with the factory 18” tires with aftermarket wheels
  12. Also no clearance issues, but his truck is 4wd
  13. I have a 3500 SRW with the 275/70r18 tires. I believe that is the same size if your 2500 had the 18” wheel option too. On my dads 2020 2500 Duramax the dealer was able to re-flash for the change over to the taller diameter 18” tires since he stuck with a size that the truck would have came with stock.
  14. I have a srw 3500 and the light will come on if the tears are below 60 psi fronts I run at the recommended 60 so I can’t speak for that. The 60 in the rear helped my ride out a bunch and I just bump back up when I tow my equipment trailer.
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