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  1. So I have to maintain that rpm for 5 miles without stopping and does anyone know what speed that is ??
  2. Just lifted my truck a couple hundred miles ago 6” fabtech lift for magneride and is it camber or toe not sure but The wheels seem to not be straight up and down they seem to to be like inward like this \ how do I fix this because I feel like my tires will wear unevenly
  3. Tired of waiting for my bds 6 inch lift it’s been two months already and they keep pushing the day back. I have a 2018 Denali 1500 with magneride what other lifts are as good as bds? I live near a 4WP and summit racing. Do they sell anything of bds quality?
  4. I’m waiting for my 6” BDS to show up for my 2018 Denali 1500 but I’m having trouble finding reviews from people with lifted Denali trucks utilizing stock magnetic ride shocks. How good of a lift kit is the BDS kit ? How good will my truck ride ? It looks like the lift just comes from blocks front and back. Who here has a lifted Denali and can give me some real reviews how it rides ? Can I eventually upgrade to coil overs? Since I’m still using stock magnaride shocks and struts do I need to rezero or recalibrate my suspension? i guess I’m just concerned about ride quality. With the bds lift kit with stock shocks how good or poor will my ride quality be? I bought the truck in March but I wish I knew more about magnetic ride before I made the purchase.
  5. Who here is running a 4 inch lift kit with the magnaride if so what lift and what are the pros and cons ???
  6. What’s a good 4 inch lift kit for my 2018 Denali ? leveled now but still seems like I’m in a low rider
  7. I went with rough country kit because it was kinda cheap like 60 and it came with a bracket that moved the sensor up. It rode very good with the leveling kit installed like stock then I put mud tires on and the ride is good but not like it was ...install was easy lol giant pry bar on the spring slide the spacer in and done. With a 2 inch leveling kit there still is some rake maybe 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 spacer would make it truly level but I’m fine with the way it is. Next is tune ??
  8. 2” rough country leveling kit (spacer) 20x10 wheels -15 offset and 33x12.5 tires aturro mt rubs at full lock
  9. 2018 Denali 1500 how it sits now bottom pic is when I bought it beginning of March.
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