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  1. Okay so after a couple beers in the garage here I was thinking back to a few days ago before I did any work on the console and i remember my headlights were on during the day on the auto setting, I’ve had the truck for awhile I know what light darkness triggers the headlights to turn on, on the auto setting. I thought it was odd but maybe it was just too cloudy out or something but I’m thinking the light sensor had failed then but I just didn’t think anything of it because it was day time and the screen and gauge on full bright were not noticeable then. I think a failsafe for a failed light se
  2. Hey so I have a couple issues I’m not to sure if anyone else has had these issues but I need help. I have a 16 and everything was fine until recently I popped the console off to do some work on it like I have before. So I unplugged all the accessory plugs that plug into the front of the console did my work on the console and put everything back together BUT when I turned my truck on I quickly noticed my screen and gauge cluster at full brightness which I do not have it set to. So I tried the dim wheel And the screen and gauge cluster will NOT dim at all. Only the climate control and ca
  3. I run leds and a 3” pod For reverse and the camera is mint on the 16
  4. Quality reverse Leds with warranty US brand not Chinese ??
  5. Hey! This is a long shot but a little while ago I saw a guy on here who posted his alpine restyle setup for his Silverado and I thought it looked sweet! Well Mostly the speaker pods for the dash. Anyway the full alpine restyle system that gives you the speaker pods is stupid expensive and I already have a system in my truck so I emailed alpine asking if I could purchase them separate and they told me no haha so I was wondering if anyone on here would have any idea how I could get my hands on a set of dash pods or if someone is willing the sell theirs? Thanks !
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