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  1. I did, I am running a 20x10 wheel with a -19 offset. No spacers with these wheels. A lot of wheels require a .25” spacer to clear the larger calipers on the 19-20 trucks. The -19 offset helped me clear the bigger control arm at the ball joint by about .5” with the 33x12.50 tires. This Offset also pushed the tire and wheel out so I was rubbing on the inside of the mud flap, the front valance corner and some of the carpet fender liner. I cut around 1” off the inside of the mud flap, about 1.5” diagonally off the black plastic valence. I have not cut the fender liner yet, it only rubs at lock and I like having the protection from mud at jobs sites. I’ve cut fender liners before and ended up packing mud in the bumper and frame.
  2. Thank you guys! I installed 33x12.50r20 toyo MTs. Mine now measures right under 42” to the scribed line on the fender and right above 40.5” to the bottom where the fender folds under in the front. 43.25” to the scribed line and 41.75” to the bottom fold on the rear. I did not install the rear 1” block with the kit. Only the front control arms and spacers
  3. I have a 2 inch ready lift with control arms on my truck. I ran the stock 18s with stock tires and had no issues for about 500 miles before getting 20x10s and 33s.
  4. Hey guys, I’m looking for measurements with pics(if possible) from the center of the hub to the line on the stock plastic fender guard were it folds under on a 1500 At4. I installed a 2” Readylift kit with the control arms, but I don’t think I got 2” out of it. I only installed the front bc it still has some rake without adding the 1” rear lift. Looking at the pics I have seen of the rough country 2”, it seems like they sit higher. I didn’t measure before the level. Wish I had.
  5. Nice truck! So your rear settled down as well? I wasn’t planning on installing the rear blocks due to the way it sits.
  6. 2020 AT4, Readylift 2” SST with only the front lift. Rear sits .75-1 inch higher as is. I don’t think I got 2” from the lift. I was at 38.5” from ground to the line where the plastic black fender folds in, centered on the hub. After, with stock wheels/tires, I was at 40”. Now with 33’s, I’m at 40.5”. Wish I had measured from the center of the hub. Anyone have any measurements on a non At4 stock?
  7. Hello everyone, I’ve got a 2020 At4 1500 6.2 with the same clunk when slowing down. Any updates with this?
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