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  1. All you need to do make it fit a CC, standard box is to add a short length of straight pipe. That's what i did with mine. Pretty straight forward. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/237471-crew-cab-standard-bed-exhaust-options/?tab=comments#comment-2413385 Nate
  2. Got the pipes installed and here is a pic that shows how much of a gap there is. I'll probably just weld on a 9" stub to the muffler. Hope this helps someone down the road.... Nate
  3. I recently picked up the Borla Touring series for my cc/std bed. i'll post up more details this afternoon, but all you need to add is an approximately 8" length of straight pipe (3.5") from behind the muffler to the exhaust that goes up over the axle. I'll probably just have it welded to the muffler, although may did a slip joint - not sure yet. I'll have more details later today. Just to be clear, this is for the Touring muffler.
  4. Topgear1224 - Thanks for the post! Good idea on the airbags. i'll look into those systems some more. And yeah I have an Airstream that I will be towing with it! Thanks again, Nate
  5. I have a 2020 Silverado with the max tow package. I have a fiberglass cap and a cargoglide in the back of the truck. It currently rides at approximately 38" from floor to fender arch on all four corners. I don't care for how the back end looks a little saggy, so i was wondering what the factory ride height is and was hoping to put a spacer block under the rear springs to get it back to an unloaded ride height. If anyone might be able to help me out, i would appreciate it! Thanks Nate
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