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  1. Gangly, I mean no harm friend. My comments where based on real data not from someone who knows just enough to be dangerous. If you will look at all the topics and comments on this subject you might try more for reasoning rather than so bent on being right. Yes. The engine does make a difference and both Elibach and Bilstein recommend different part numbers for each. Funny how the OEM version recommends the EPS and sensor recalibration though right? Good luck with your crusade.
  2. Hello, I drive a 2021 Sierra SLT w/max tow package and 6.2L. I'm with Matt on being outnumbered by the number of experts on here albeit you can here the experience talking. I too am looking at installing the OEM 2" lift kit but here is where my decision leans heavily on the engineers at GM rather than the tons of people who are professional enthusiast. The OEM kit and and having the 6.2L engine, there is definitely more rise "Hop" to the front end based on the engine weight. Slightly longer CV axels take care of this and offer some peace of mind in modifying and 80k vehicle. Secondly, my truck has the Denali ultimate package that includes the technology package. This means; the height of the vehicle once altered, changes the field of view (FOV) on the front cameras and cross traffic sensors and included the electronic power steering recalibration (EPS). They all get recalibrated with the OEM kit installed at the dealer and are included with the 600 dollar installation (I'm not sure what the Chevys have for these features). The EPS is probably the biggest one of all since we're talking about and encoder that senses linear torque and yaw from those CV's and sends that signal to the servo that controls the EPS. You just can't make those mods on your garage floor without having access to the ECM data. As for shocks, I called Bilstein because I read and heard great things about there products and what is included with their 2" suspension lift does not cover the 6.2L engine weight out of the box so the shocks have to be upgraded to something similar to that on a 2500 and ruins the ride of a SLT. Just my 2 cents, but dollar for dollar without devaluing the truck, my money is going on the OEM kit until there is a large enough install base with street mods. This is available at GM parts direct for 1195.00.
  3. I'll buy the 6.2 badges from you if you still have them. I have the Texas Edition? with a 6.2 engine and would like the correct badges. For some reason those part numbers are either hidden or not published. Our local deal here is clueless to anything like this.
  4. Thank you Cameron! That is the clearest matrix I have seen so far. Great information
  5. It's what is on the paper work I have with the truck. Leather and 20" wheels are also standard. apparently the 3.42 gears were too.
  6. Well it sounds like maybe its not the same vehicle. Mine is a 2018 SLE 5.3L.4x4 Limited. According to the RPO code it has 3.42 gearing in the rear end. That, with a six speed tranny shows a chart in the manual that says the towing capacity is 12k. That's all I had to go by as I'm not experienced at towing and certainly not an expert at anything especially this stuff. I'm currently pulling a 26' Forest River Flag Staff Lite that weighs 6800lbs dry and it does fine. I'd just like to find a little more torque because we are planning a long trip across the county. I read where the cold air intake, all while adding some increased HP can also add some additional torque but that too could be misleading. Maybe a tuner or performance chip might also be worth looking in to.
  7. I have the same truck and is rated for 12k? We are pulling a 26' Flagstaff @6700lb. It doesn't really like it but does ok. I'm looking for upgrades/mods that would help. I'm thinking of adding a cold air intake etc..
  8. Would anyone know what part number is being used (And source) for the tow mirror upgrade? I know PGamboa has lots of information out there but I don't really want to re-wire my truck for this upgrade. I'd like to have;Chrome,pwr,heated and turn signal. I don't need pwr fold, pwr telescope etc. Any help on what where to buy these would be appreciated
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