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  1. TPMS update, good news just got back from a short trip. The new extension worked great. All 6 tires stayed connected. I relocated the TPMS sensor to my trailer and mounted it in the center of the trailer about 15ft away from the furthest tire. Thanks again everyone involved with this project. Could not have done it without you. When I get some time I will post some pics. On a side note anyone having trouble with the left side camera. with the trailer connect and my left turn signal on while moving I have a blank screen. Anyone encountered this problem? Thanks all, Mike
  2. Jhcfc, you along with everyone else running heavy duty trailer tires with pressures exceeding 102 psi including myself has that issue. No workaround that I am aware of. Hopefully GM will come up with fix soon. I love the fact we have an integrated system to monitor pressure and temp it just needs its range extended to cover us individuals running tires at higher pressures. We didn't buy heavy duty trucks to pull around landscape trailers, at least I didn't anyway. Hope someone from GM is out there listening..
  3. Good luck with that one. Over my head with the Arduino. I would just push the hazard light button on the dashboard you get the same affect.
  4. Its mainly a diagnostic tool with some ability to manipulate devices through the OBD2 port. Browsing through the menus I have seen some ability to relearn some modules per say if you were going to replace. But nothing to reprogram.
  5. ShotgunKC, I can send commands to the modules. I have been able to control fans, HVAC blending motors, windows, locks, starter signals, etc.. it does quite a bit. Great tool for troubleshooting. To send commands to modules you will need the enhanced version. If you want to reprogram the behavior of your lights it is not capable of that. What exactly are you trying to do with the parking lights?
  6. Gecko50, I did not ground the shielded wire just used the twisted shielded cable.
  7. Ok, Andrew thanks for that information. Chuck to answer your questions I have been running my truck without the module for about a month will no codes and no ill affects on any other system on the truck that I have noticed. For me I just have the one trailer for now that I will be monitoring so I am going to leave the module with the trailer. If perhaps I decide to put sensors in my gooseneck I would have the wiring in place and just move the module. Which leads me to the question you asked about multiple modules. I do not think you can have 2 modules even if you use one at a time. They have to be programmed to the system (learned). They also store all of the TPMS sensor ID's. For multiple trailers if you have more than one programmed on your app. Right now I am assuming this by putting 2 & 2 together scanning through my OBD2 software looking at what functions I am given. I have attached some screenshots of what I was looking at. First one no codes present with module out of truck, second functions I was able to get into by accessing TPMS module actuations on my autoenginuity software, third dashboard TPMS screen for vehicle functional with no issues. Mike DTC Screen 2020 GMC 3500 No Trailer TPMS module installed.pdf TPMS Module commands.pdf
  8. Gecko50, you are correct on your last quote. The truck has another module just for the vehicles wheels where it is I have no idea. I have been driving around about a month without the receiver plugged in. Its been sitting on my work bench since I posted the photos. No issues with vehicle TPMS I have actually seen pressures change. As for the cable I just have a straight up extension. I simply plugged in my male/female extension where the Trailer TPMS receiver resided using same power source that powered the receiver. I think we should be able to go 50' no problem. Remember we just need to keep the module within 20' of the furthest tire from the receiver. I plan on mounting my receiver on a bracket under my 5th wheel. As for wire I used 22ga twisted shielded for the CAN/BUS and 20ga speaker wire for the power. Stuck both in a non-slitted wire loom I bought off of Amazon.
  9. To Gecko50 and everyone else working this problem. Made my extension harness and just gave it a run here is what I know. The Trailer TPMS module is a stand alone system. Proved this by hooking up my autoenginuity scanner. I have had the module unplugged since I posted the photos with no impact to my vehicle TPMS signals all 4 working fine. Before I started this process today I looked for the module in the software and it said it could not be found. I then plugged in my newly made 30' extension rescanned and the module appeared with no issues. So I thought ok we are on the right track. When I placed the module closer to the trailer wheels I was about 10 or 12 ft away I was able to activate the sensors with my tool (I was parked and not moving they were dormant at the time) and they all came in the first try. I have not taken it out on the road yet but I am anticipating that we got it licked. One important thing you have to face the module in the direction of the wheels as it was facing behind the license plate.
  10. Chuck, I really would like to help you out but I am a little reluctant to give out any of my contact information at this time to someone I only know through a forum. Please don't take any offence to this unfortunately its just the age we live in now. You can buy these connectors on Amazon for less than 15 dollars which I posted previously. Shipping took about half of the time that was stated by Amazon. I have no problem sharing trials and tribulations throughout the process within the forum. I would rather keep it at that level. Hope you understand and I thank you for your insight and post as well as the others within the forum which has lead me down this path we are taking. Mike
  11. Chuck got the ends last week. They match perfectly. 5 sets came in the package. I have all the items needed just need the weather to break here on the East Coast so I can give this a go to see what happens. Hope this will work if not only have about 50 bucks invested.
  12. Gecko50, no problem I will keep you posted. Connectors are a ways off I expect them around beginning of Apr. As far wiring goes I did see that the GMLAN is a twisted shielded cable. I am currently rounding up the twisted shielded 1PR/22 and the other 2 conductors a 22awg and a 20awg for the ground. This is what you get when you cross GM's wire sizes .5mm/22awg and .75mm/20awg. Reading the repair procedures above I am now concerned about the extended length causing issues. We will see.
  13. Gentleman, I think I found the connectors at Amazon. Gecko50's post got me thinking. Like everyone else I have the same issue with little to no help from GM. I am going to attempt removing the reciever and mounting it on the trailer somewhere and make the extension like was talked about in the post. Connectors are about a month out coming from China. Lookup Amazon.com: 5 Set 4 Pin 1-967640-1 / 8E0 971 934/968399-1 LPG Converter Automotive Harness Connector Female Male Auto Plug Time will tell but I think its the best ideal I have heard yet. Be nice to get it working without dropping out. Amazon.com_ 5 Set 4 Pin 1-967640-1 _ 8E0 971 934_968399-1 LPG Converter Automotive Harness Connector Female Male Auto Plug for VW Audi BMW_ Home Audio & Theater.pdf
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