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  1. I believe I saw a section somewhere in the systems menu where it logs the updates and gives you a brief description on what it is for.
  2. Haven't had any issues with mine, but that sounds like loose wiring, bad ground or something of that nature.
  3. Update, took truck in for first service had dealer look at Trailer TPMS issue. They couldn't make head or tails of it so they put a case in with GM Engineering. Their response was and I quote " GM confirms license plate is the issue. Currently no fix for it." So I am expecting a TSB to come out on this sometime in the near future. I am no engineer but the fix is to relocate. I am curious to see what they come up with. For now I remove the rear license plate.
  4. The receiver is behind the rear license plate, has Schrader stamped on it. Could it be bad I agree I am going to have the dealer look at it when it goes in for the first service.
  5. Well, I have had my own issues with syncing trailer tires and having to remove the trailer profile because I would get service Trailer TPMS system message come up on the dash and the screen at that point it wont let you set up the trailer tire pressure anymore. So what do you do you delete the profile and make a new one. But I found out that every time you delete a profile it is really saved through onstar. You have to go to the GM App on you phone in the trailer section and delete the profiles. I had a hell of a time syncing the tires so I probably had about 15 of the same profile. I would look there and delete any profiles that your are not using. Mabey something is going on in that aspect because there are several profiles with the same name. Not sure if it will solve your problem but I figured its worth a shot.
  6. Update, broke down and bought the GM Trailer TPMS sensors. Still had trouble syncing to truck, had to move the truck closer like I did before but this time I could not get the 3rd tire to sync. Tried multiple times and it would not sync. So I thought about it for a minute and then I went to my computer to find out where the receiver was located for the trailer sensors. Come to find out it is behind the rear license plate which is aluminum. So I took the license plate off and tried again. The tires finally synced to the truck. Just for the hell of it I put the license plate back on and went for a ride. I lost the rear 2 wheels after about 10 miles. I then pulled over and again removed the license plate and proceeded onward on my test run. About 3 miles down the road the rear 2 wheels started reporting again. I drove another 20 miles just to see if this was a fluke. Nope, never lost the signal again. Culprit GM putting a TPMS receiver behind a metal license plate. I probable just spent $375 for nothing. I am now looking into relocating the receiver somewhere where out from behind the license plate.
  7. Has anyone noticed their led trailer tail lights faintly flashing every minute or so while truck and trailer are parked for the night. Anyone know why the lights behave like this?
  8. Well it would be nice if GM would offer a camera and the options necessary for us guys with the big 38+ ft 5 er's. I would love to put the camera on the back and have everything incorporated on one screen. Currently the camera they offer does not have a long enough cable. Plus why wouldn't they put the stinkin video ports in the bed of the truck also. That right there tells me they never thought about using a camera on a gooseneck or 5th wheel. Doesn't make sense to me. I keep looking for the style plug they are using to come up with something on my own. Does anyone have an idea? Problem is right now these trucks are so new and if we want these options we have to come up with solutions ourselves. I will give it to GM they put some thought into it but it seems they forgot about us guys with the big trailers when it comes to the optional cameras.
  9. For what it is worth I just spent 75K on a truck I am not going to cheap out on the oil. I will probably go with Amsoil 15W40 Max duty Synthetic along with outfitting truck with a bypass oil filter system which will help keep the oil cleaner between oil changes.
  10. Aw... I’m looking to. GM doesn’t sell the cameras with a long enough cable for us guys with the big fifth wheels. But I don’t want to buy their stinking camera I wanna get my own. Somebody out there makes those connectors for them we just got a find it.
  11. Yea, my kids tell me it’s a clown horn. Really does not fit the truck.
  12. Can I ask are using GM’s TPMS sensors. I am using Autel 433MHz sensors.
  13. Anyone having issues with learning the trailer tire TPMS sensors on their 2020 GMC 3500 SRW. I have narrowed it down to a distance issue. I have a 37ft toy hauler. I can only get all 6 wheels to learn when I move the truck closer the wheels. With that said I loose com with all of the wheels except the front 2 when test driving. Plus I have not heard the horn chirp nor see lights flash once during the learning process. Pretty frustrating. You buy a big truck to tow big trailers not some trailer you pick up at TSC.. I love the idea the GM Engineer’s have incorporated into the truck I want to be able to use it. Looking for some insight....
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