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  1. I got your harness to use for oem switch. My connectors are molex and tyco. Are the cavities the same as tinkering fox’s video? X! Is 12 and X5 is 5 using JST. Let me know. Thanks 

    1. EddieAJ


      I rechecked connections. Please advise. Thanks 

  2. I checked the harness and I cant get light bar to work. The switch plug is a molex and the BCM are Tyco. Can you send me what cavities i would use for your harness? I currently have them based on your tags on the wires. I have a 20 Colorado Z71. 

    1. pgamboa


      So you bought the harness, installed it lime in the video by Tinkering Fox and it doesn’t work?  

    2. EddieAJ


      Yes I did. I even checked the placement of the wiring twice. My connectors are molex and tyco. X1 is white and X5 is brown. Thanks. 

  3. How long will it take to get to me if i order today the oem off road light harness?

  4. I am interested the oem off road light install harness that you make for my 20 Chevy colorado z71. I have a ridgid light bar and want to change to the oem switch to operate the light bar. I have the fog light switch but want to add the other switch. Do you have any of the harnesses made to ship now? Let me know. Thanks 

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