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  1. Hey man! Thanks for the reply! looks like from drive way to under the wheel well at the back is 40 3/8 and the front is at 39 1/4
  2. Good afternoon, I’m new to the truck world so these questions may come across very easy to some and annoying to others. However, I have searched through the forums and have found lots of information either contradicting what I’m trying to do to fit these wheels and tires and some information supporting it. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking at the cooper at3/xlt in a 305/55r20 size. The wheel is 20x9 -12 4.5 backspace (6x139.7 obviously). Now I know that this size tire won’t fit a stock truck with stock wheels. My next question is does my truck have leveling kit? I bought this truck used. The front measures from centre of the Wheel to top of the wheel well at 24” I’m under the impression this is a 2” spacer there? I know this is a lot of questions in one post, but I’m really in need of new tires and want to purchase some wheels as well. Thanks in advance for all the help! cheers, Jeremy
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