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  1. Sorry I never updated. The injector swap fixed it. Ly6 to l96 was direct bolt in. Very easy swap just had to use ly6 injectors on the l96
  2. I think I'm going to go ahead and try to swap the injectors. I've read this on other pages as well...mostly people theorizing. it's very hard to find any information from people that have actually done this swap. One other source I found was reporting problems with running too lean. My truck seems to run excellent. What's the worst that can happen if i keep running it this way?
  3. I have the l96 injectors still in there. I have the original injectors , should I use them? Will the intake have to be swapped too?
  4. My 2009 ly6 blew up at 248,000 I had my mechanic buddy drop a low mile 2010 l96 in it. Now I'm getting p0172 code for running rich on both banks. Truck seems to run fine. What do I need to do? Got about 100 miles on it so far.
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