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  1. hello, asked question on winter wheels and thanks for your response. do you thing I need snow tires instead of the factory 22 and street tires.

    1. JimCost2014


      Where do you live? 


      We see snow in Western Washington every year in the Cascade mountain range, and the 4WD drive system does a good job.

      Been stuck once, was able to "rock" (drive, reverse, drive)  myself free, so not officially stuck, but close.

    2. big brown

      big brown

      hey jim, thanks for your response. I live in northeast Pennsylvania. some years we have little snow and others heavier. but your saying you have the gm 22s and tires and you got through most of the time. I was thinking they are too flat and wide???? does the 2.7 turbo come into the fold?  bill

    3. JimCost2014


      You are very welcome.


      No experience with the T1 platform, so the 2.7 is a complete mystery to me on how it performs.


      As far as you wheels, if you are in an area where they use salt, might not be a bad idea to have a set of winter wheels/tires just because of the abuse they will take.

      In Washington, they just use a deicer/antifreeze on the roads, so if you wash your truck often, it does not seem to hurt the wheels or paint.


      As far as the factory 22's, they are just 9.0 or 9.5 width, probably same as the 18's or 20's, so similar amount of tire tread on the road.

  2. thanks guys. so its 19 and 20 only. called 2 dealers and no take offs, but still looking
  3. hello all. I just picked up a 2020 gmc sierra 1500. came with 2.7 turbo and factory 22" chrome wheels. my question to the forum team, are there any older wheels would fit for winter wheels?
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