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  1. Try disconnecting the rear shock absorbers. I had a Suburban years ago that did this, it was a bad shock absorber.
  2. Actually joined the group a couple months ago, but my computer was givin' me fits. Was born and raised in Austin ( long before it was "weird"). Now living in Bastrop, abour 30 miles east of Austin. Currently driving a silver '18 LT Texas Edition, mostly stock for now. I have always owned Chevy trucks.
  3. I hope the reset works. Keep us updated, cuz if it doesn't work, inquiring minds want to know what is done to fix the issue!
  4. Well carnau, you were correct. Got the truck back finally. They did in fact replace the expansion valve, but that's only because they found it not equalizing properly while checking my actual complaint. But as for the blower not working, they were "unable to duplicate any abnormal condition at this time. No codes stored in system." I will admit the A/C is blowing slightly colder, which is good because it's currently 250 degrees every day here in Central Texas. If it happens again, it will get a logic lock reset before i do anything else. Truth is I have a great dealership who treats me very well, so if it becomes a chronic issue, they will take care of it... eventually
  5. Got a call from my Service Writer. He tells me that the truck has a bad expansion valve, As someone who has been in the HVAC business my entire life ( to this point anyway) i can't see how an expansion valve can cause this issue, as it has nothing to do with the fan. I'm thinking he meant an expansion module, like an add-on that turned regular climate control into dual zone with auto. Of course, no part until Monday so we will see. Updates as events unfold. Happy fourth to y'all and Happy Birthday, America!
  6. Thank You carnau! I am pretty familiar with logic locks from my work. Makes me wish I had thought of this before taking it in. I am curious as to what they will find though. I am willing to let it ride because the repair will cost me nothing and i have a loaner, We will see. I will endeavor to respond to this post with the resolution. Thank you again!
  7. I'm sorry to drag up an old post, but was there ever a resolution to this? I bought a used 18 Texas Edition about 10 days ago. 45K miles, very nice ride! a couple of days ago this exact issue popped up on mine. It is currently at the dealer and it is acting up, but they seem to be stumped. I love the truck, and have always owned Chevy trucks, and have always gotten my moneys worth. Any insight or knowledge gained would be a great help. Thanks Y'all!
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