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  1. So I am kinda in the same boat. I am looking to pull a travel trailer around 5700 pounds. I wanted to upgrade my 2018 Suburban but can't find a way to do it like other manufacturers do. It may cost $2500-5000 dollars to do it but believe it or not, my depreciation would be more than that to trade for a newer better equipped one for. Any suggestions o increasing capacity? I did add an aftermarket Curt brake controller that made a world of a difference. I have the Premier package on the vehicle, so I like all the bells and whistles of the car. The axle ratio is the problem at 3.08. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm in the same boat! I am surprised that a very expensive vehicle should be traded in or ordered just to get the towing capabilities. After all it is still a Suburban! I have the premier but without the Max Trailering package. It would seem logical that I should be able to have the dealer install it for a ridiculous cost, but I have yet to find one that agrees. Any help would be appreciated. We have 4 kids and 2 adults wanting to pull a trailer but have yet to pull the plug since we are stuck on the tow vehicle. Are there any good options since we would need at least a 6000 pound trailer? We have a 2018 Premier with 4 x 4 and unfortunately 22'in wheels.
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