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  1. My 14 with RC 1" leveler blocks. Sits just about perfect!
  2. Hey Guys, New to the forum. So in brief, I recently picked up a 14 Sierra SLT, All Terrain. The rake is driving me crazy, so I ordered the Rough Country 2" leveling kit. Watched a bunch of videos on the install. My question is for those of you who have installed this kit, or looked at this kit, I see the reason to having to disassemble half the suspension is because of the shaft being in the way of dropping the one bolt down in from the top. Looking for opinions on cutting that bolt to length, so it doesn't hit the shaft, and installing it from the bottom. Thoughts on strength issues? I mean in theory, the strut doesn't know which direction the bolt is in? Correct?? I greatly appreciate your feedback! Thanks guys! pics to follow!
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