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  1. I just finished a trip from Ohio to Georgia through the west Virginia and Virginia mountains with a 10k lbs travel trailer. Truck handled the mountains great but as I got close to home I got a check engine light which translates to P0421 error. I'll be taking to the dealer but has anyone had this at around 3k miles? Looks like its related to catalytic converter. I have a 2020 2500 Duramax. Let me know!
  2. Last Friday I bought an LT with $65.5k sticker for roughly 17% off msrp. I'm in Georgia.
  3. You may have already made a decision but I just put these on. They are N-Fabs. They look pretty good.
  4. 2500 LT Crew Cab Duramax pretty loaded up. $65k msrp for $9500 off msrp. Bought it this past Friday.
  5. Quick comment, I took a drive earlier and it moved back up to 1/2 full. The description above from @redwngr is likely what is happening. Thanks again!
  6. @redwngr, thanks and that is possible. The gauge showed full but they didn't confirm that it was filled up during dealer prep. It's possible that it wasn't full to begin with. I need to have something else looked at so ill let them fill it and go from there. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I'll be taking it in early next week. I'll let everyone know if that's what they perform. Also note that it's a 7/2020 build. Came off the train this last Wednesday in Georgia. Don't know if there is any relationship between build date and excessive usage. Our family loves the truck besides this.
  8. I just picked up my new 2500 on Friday (7/31/20). I have 148 miles and the gauge has gone from full to 1/4 full. I'm wondering if its the gauge or actually using that much DEF? Hesitated quite a bit on a diesel due to all emission regulation equipment. Pretty frustrating for 2 days in...
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