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  1. Thanks. Yeah I've looked into it and seems to be a lot of stuff to get and a lot of stuff to learn. I think I'll just find someone to burn an Eprom for me. I just bought a zz4 Vortec engine so I need to eliminate the egr
  2. Doesn't the ECM control other things like the a/c and shift points and convertor lockup?
  3. Is there an aftermarket computer I can put in my truck to give me more tuning ability? My 1990 OBD1 ECM is limited as to what I can do with it. It's an antique. Is there a later model ECM I can swap into this truck? I don't really want to go backwards and install an HEI and carburator but it's what I'm tempted to do. I've had this truck for 750,000 miles. I've been lucky so far to not be broke down and it's virtually been trouble free. The check engine light comes on and I start replacing parts then it goes off for another 30,000 miles or so. I just hate the fact I can't plug a laptop into it and see what's going on. (Yeah I know about Moates.com but that's a lot of hassle to still have limited tunability)
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