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  1. The antenna and GPS problem is common on GMC. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali and the GPS (compass too) failed about a month ago. The problem I had was a design flaw by GMC. The weep hole was on the wrong side of the antenna. It took mine about 5 y rs to fail. Asked my dealer to look into it during an oil change and I was informed that the check would cost $130, which astonished me. Through this website and other resources, I found out the likely problem and cure for free. My dealer should have known anyway and been able to identify for free. Anyway, went to my favorite body shop and they ordered the new part and installed yesterday. It is a plug and play item. The new antenna took about 1 block to recalibrate and I am back to normal. Part was about $130 and installation was $130 for a total of $260 and the weep hole is on the downslope where it belongs. I did not want to dig into the headliner so paid a pro to do that, however, if you are confident you can repair on your own. GMC should be replacing these when they fail. I will not be returning to my dealer for service.
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