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  1. Hey everyone, newb here with my first post. Last week I had my 2017 Sierra 1500 (5.3, 8spd 75K miles) detailed and upon receiving it back the driver door would not unlock. I had to manually unlock the door. The door lock actuator would not work with the fob or the switch on the door. No big deal as it is parked in the garage at night and it is parked right outside my office window during the day. Figured I would fix it when the weather cools down. A couple days later it locked when I put in drive (as do all the doors) but had to pull the handle twice to unlock. Next thing you know, it doesn't work again at all. Yesterday (almost a week since being detailed) I get in it to drive home and the check engine light comes on. Get home check the codes and it is the infamous trans temp sensor/harness codes. After reading the codes I get in, start it up and put it in drive and the door locks. Driving into work this morning I watched the tranny temp and it did not show any erratic swings in temp, was anywhere between 135-160 (stopped vs driving). When it would fluctuate it was +/- 5 degrees. And the door lock actuator did not work again. Is it just happen stance that these things happened around the same time or is it possible the BCM/PCM got wet during the detail or is maybe this signs of the batter about to crap out? Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.
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