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  1. Well, I'm in the same boat with that dilemma as my dealer whom I bought my 2020 TB just sent correspondence to make an appointment to have my truck appraised for trade-in and to pick or order a new 2022 truck. Personally, I enjoyed the dealership experience pre-covid in which you picked out a truck, test drove it to be sure you're happy with it, then make the deal. Now with hardly no inventory present on GM lots where I live, I'm not comfortable with the idea of ordering a truck and waiting for 3-4 months to get it, then deal with the unexpected cost adjustments for the trade or new truck when its time to physically make the trade. Yes the refreshed 2022's are great but perhaps not worth cracking the whip to upgrade due to cost, availability, and the continuing shortage of chips to run all the advanced equipment in these new trucks.
  2. I purchased my 2020 TB equipped with 6.2L and the 10 speed transmission and initially thought I made the wrong choice on the engine as it required premium fuel leading to resulting in higher costs at the pump especially now with fuel prices being high in Canada but stable at the moment. How 2023 will go in terms of cost at the pump hard to say at this time. Anyhow, my truck over the past two years has surprised me and still does on the fuel mileage as the older it gets, the better mileage it gets during winter and summer seasons. During this summer, driving locally been getting about 510 kms per tank which is pretty good for this big engine. The past few winter seasons I've been around the 400 km mark, thus won't be surprised for the upcoming winter season that I'd over 400 kms routinely. Now driving on the highway for long trips, again this truck shines on mileage regardless of weather conditions. Aside from the mileage, hard to dismiss the fact that I have a truck with a big motor that goes like hell when needed and is enjoyable to drive. Considering the direction GM is going in the future...all EV...I think any GM truck equipped with the 6.2L would be the max of engine size for the 1500 trucks, thus would become a rare breed.
  3. Definitely a Ram Rebel or GT would be my choice especially considering the fact that the Ram Dealerships where I live are loaded with inventory. Not so with the GM dealerships where I live as there are no new GM trucks (2022 Limited, or 2022 Refresh) present on the lots.
  4. I just had that issue yesterday in which I tried to start the truck and it immediately shuts down...repeated several times and got the same result. Immediately afterwards I received an email from OnStar saying it detected an issue in the engine/transmission and need to get the truck serviced within a day. As luck would have it, I noticed a check engine light on the dash. I managed to get the truck started again and drove it home. Earlier today I scanned the code and it stated a P12A6 that revolves around the fuel pump. I've scheduled an appointment with the dealer to look at it and see what is req'd to resolve the issue.
  5. The new 2022's look good all around, but I don't see enough to warrant trading my current 2020 TB for one. I wished they did more with the ZR2 as its basically a highly spec'd LT Trail Boss with some specific off-rood goodies but the same 6.2L engine. Should of have a unique high output engine option like that of the TRX and Raptor. We'll see how well the 2022's do where it counts - vehicle sales.
  6. I used to own a 2017 Midnight Edition LTZ Z71 with the 5.3L and tried a year ago to trade in for a 2019 LT Trailboss with the 5.3L at the end of 2019 but was pissed-off over how I was treated by a dealer in my hometown. When the pandemic hit, I wasn't considering trading in my old truck for a new one. The dealer (out of town) that I bought my 2017 from inquired periodically about trading my old ride for a new 2020 due to the various incentive programs occurring at the time. I simply told the dealer that I wanted a specific truck...well in August 2020 that became a reality as that truck I wanted...a 2020 Black Trailboss with the 6.2L and almost every option you can get on this truck was available, thus wound up getting it for a great price. Sure I miss some creature comforts in downgrading from a LTZ to an LT2 as I don't have power-folding mirrors, a power front passenger bucket seat, factory navigation, cool-seats, or a better HD review camera, but the Trailboss has just about the other features my LTZ had. I smile every time I approach it as the outside appearance is awesome. When I sit in the truck, I smile even more when I stare at the 6.2L badges on the hood - of course the fun part of it all is unleashing that 6.2L. As for the interior, I have no complaints and it works fine for me. It seems nowadays the emphasis on truck interior is the must have big-screen LCD in the center of the dash that the new F150 and the Ram havr which wasn't a desirable feature for me. Besides should those big screen LCD's fail or burnout, I can imagine the replacement cost would be in the 1000's of dollars to replace compared to that of the Chevy/GMC. During my first few months of ownership on the Trailboss, I had two issues; the first was the rear window leak that my dealer repaired promptly by contracting the repair to an auto-glass company, and the second was an annoying rattle in the rear of the cabin that I traced to the headrests on the rear seats. I removed the headrests, added some masking tape and reinstalled them...problem solved. Other than that, no problems as the truck runs great...just did a 450 km trip for work related function and the mileage from the 6.2L was better than my old truck. I enjoy my new truck very much and as it stands right now, this would be the last truck I would purchase as I plan to retire about 12 years from now. Gotta save up for that vette or settle for an old school muscle car as a retirement gift to me, or maybe get both.
  7. I traded in my 2017 LTZ Z71 for my 2020 TB and here's what I miss on the old truck Factory Navigation Power Passenger Seat GM Performance (Borla) Dual Exhaust Better bucket seats. All the above is washed away on my TB when I stomp on the pedal unleashing the awesomeness of 6.2L of power
  8. I must say the Hummer EV looks nice - way, way, way better than the Cybertruck. Should be fun to see how this truck and the Rivian do in terms of sales. That being said, 100K price tag for an electric vehicle is way too rich for me. I'll stick with my ICE 6.2L chevy for the time being
  9. My 2020 TB went to the dealer a few days ago for the leak issue on the rear window - got it back yesterday. It rained last night through to this morning...checked the rear seats and window....so far no leaks. My dealer arranged to have an auto glass company remove the window and reinstall it as they determined the original seal was defective.
  10. Well I now have a very minor leak on the rear window - driver side. Issue was discovered yesterday when it was raining gently. I dropped it off at my dealer earlier today, whom will sent it out to a auto window company for repair. I should have it back tomorrow.
  11. Your dealer is mistaken as various aftermarket companies have rollup tonneau covers for the 2019+ GM trucks. Check out the websites for Access, Truxedo, etc to find one that would work with your application. I have a Truxedo Edge for my 2020 TB.
  12. I had my 2020 TB for three months and had no leaks around the back window. I'll keep an eye on it during the fall and winter months due to the cold temperatures and increased frequency of rain/snow.
  13. I had a similar issue with my 2020 TB in which the front bucket seats were not comfortable after a 20 minute drive (out of town). I played around with my driver seat and got the settings right that made the seat much more comfortable, and I verified this with an hour round trip drive (out of town) - about 70 miles. The passenger seat on the other hand which only had reclining and front-back adjustments would need to have some additional cushioning which would be achieved by adding additional padding underneath the bottom cover or by an external cushion on top of the seat. One of my neighbors has a 2019 AT4 with a similar issue and elected to use external cushions on the seats.
  14. I had the Dura-Tracs on my previous ride a 2017 LTZ Crew Cab Midnight Edition. I was impressed how quiet they were when I test drove the truck before buying it and had no issues with them for the past three years. My new 2020 TB came with the optional 20" wheels and Goodyear Trailrunner AT's. We'll see how well they perform in the winter months. When the time comes to replace them...definitely go for the Dura-Tracs.
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