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  1. Just installed a set of Bilstein 6112s on my 2012 1500. I opted for the second circlip setting which advertised an average lift of 0.62 inches, in my application it is sitting right at 1 inch of lift. Hasn't been long though so will try to remember to update if any settling occurs. The stock struts had only 25000 miles on them and were in perfectly good shape so my expectations for on road driving were fairly low. However a couple of things were night and day. On stock struts if I hit a manhole cover too hard I could feel the wheel cycle up and down multiple times as if the spring was underdamped. The bilsteins make it far more controlled. Cornering is much more level now too. I suppose I drive a bit aggressive but the wallowing around corners made for an unhappy girlfriend getting thrown around the cab. I can take a corner at the same speed now and the light of my life doesn't notice or raise hell. I find the ride to be smoother and a touch softer than I had imagined a digressive 2.5 coilover to be. Overall I am extremely pleased.
  2. I still cannot wrap my head around what people mean by preloading the spring. In my mind all you're doing is extending the distance from spring perch to lower control arm exactly the same as a lower spacer. Preloading shock travel and droop if anything. I am not saying I am right, I am looking to be set straight if I am missing something obvious here. The stiffer ride would be due to the arm being farther out of neutral resulting in less force acting perpendicular to the control arm meaning less torque rotating the arm into the dampener and more force sent through the arms into the frame. I cannot get past it being a result of geometry no matter how it's achieved.
  3. Thanks I'll keep an eye on it. All seemed great for the 600 miles today, aside from the original tires
  4. It sure seems like it, limited driving today. See how I like it after the 8 hour drive tomorrow
  5. Picking up a 2012 5.3 LC9 6L80 WT this weekend. Only 25,000 miles. Fluids will be checked. Mods I am budgeting for are: suspension + tires, looking at superchips flashcal to turn off AFM, and will assess the brakes. My question is, are there any other known weaknesses on this model run/engine/trans I should be on the lookout for?
  6. Sounds like a plan. Full disclosure I ordered my shocks and struts before I've even taken possession of the truck, picking it up this Friday though. By financial necessity it will be my one and only daily driver. So for now I am thinking I'll try the second circlip ring on the 6112's (back has a mid-height topper and I need rake) along with just "4 ply" 265/70r17 falken at3w because at 600 for a set I am hard pressed to find a better tire. I loved my set on my old F150 and they are excellent for rain and winter, especially being non-LT with the grippy silica compound. Eventually I do want either the p285/70r17 or the LT255/80r17.
  7. Bilsteins, 255/80r17s, you do come from the land of Toyota. I am curious about that size as well, which tire? Haven't found anyone really running them on this platform
  8. Thezentree we need more detail. 285 is only the width. Need aspect ratio, rim size, offset to have any idea of what you're working with. I think you're on the right path with top notch in the front and adding an inch in the rear. Should net 1.25" MORE rake than you currently have. If that's too much I'd look into a different block in the rear or having one milled to achieve however much rake you're after. If it were me I'd order just the struts and shocks with those part numbers you posted(seems to be about $357 on shocksurplus with SHOCKD 5% promo code) set it at the top notch, drive it a while, load it, measure it, then decide what(if any) lift you would like in the rear. I can't see it being more than an inch so your rear shocks would be ready. Also with 210,000 miles on factory struts you may stand to benefit with a kyb top hat with bearing and spring seat ($40 per strut on rockauto) since you're swapping those over to the 5100s anyways it would be the time to do it.
  9. All of the literature I've read says 24-293082 should work for 0-1" of lift in the rear.
  10. 2012 Silverado 1500 V8(LC9) 6l80 4WD extended cab 6'6" bed WT. Just ordered the B8 6112 with 5100's for the rear. 765 shipped Stock wheels and 265/70r17 tires for the time being
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