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  1. I don't pull the torsion bar all the way out I just loosin it up and let it hang there
  2. going to order both oem control arms and hopefully it will fix the problem
  3. The ball joint was out and the control arm bushings was rotted. No i didn't measure got two different ones and same problem on both. Yes I used the torsion bar tool
  4. One torsion bar screw is ran in about 3/4 and the other is ran in about three turns and the truck is sitting level now. The keys in the back, one is level with the cross member that they hook into and the other is kinda angled down toward the ground a little bit when everything is loose and ready to take out. And if you move it to try to get level like the other one its pointed way up towards the truck. It won't even hold the truck up no matter how far you run the torsion bolt in.
  5. Yeah its like the socket in the control arm is different angle or sumthin
  6. changed drivers side control arm now the torsion bar is way to tight for reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated thx
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